Top In Texas: Haunted History!

As all hallow’s eve looms, we are reminded of the dark and mysterious part of the world and our interest in the spooky side comes alive. Throughout the Lone Star State, historical haunts chill us to bone with friendly and frightening ghosts and the Texas Community Managers, Luci H, Helina MKendall SFarrah A, and Tomas R., live to tell all the ghoulish details. Beware: terrifying tales ahead.

San Antonio, St. Anthony Hotel

Think paranormal in one of the most lavish hotels around. There you’ll find guests of paranormal nature paying a visit to the opulent and elegant halls of the historic and famously haunted, St. Anthony hotel. Known for its timeless beauty, this hotel has more than sweeping views of San Antonio and refined decor. Guests have reported odd things happening during nighttime hours, like elevators operating on their own or the The Lady In Red wandering the halls, and of course – audible footsteps following you on the most haunted, 10th floor!

Houston, Battleship Texas State Historic Site

The Battleship Texas took part in both World Wars I and WWII – so it’s filled with history and tales of paranormal activity. Now docked in the Houston Ship Channel, you can take a self guided tour, or better yet, opt for an overnight sleepover!

Houston, Nightly Spirits

Downtown Houston is filled with history – and hauntingly good tales! Nightly Spirits is a curated walking tour through some of Downtown Houston’s most chilling pubs and buildings. Tours start nightly at 8:30pm starting at CharBar. Cost is $25 per person for the 2.5 hour tour

Fort Worth, Thistle Hill House Museum

This incredible mansion was built in the early 1900s during the “cattle baron” era for the daughter of a wealthy rancher and oilman. Once home to decadent parties for the Fort Worth elite, this 11,000 square-foot mansion is now available for tours or to rent for private events. But beware! Apparently, renovation work done during the 1970s disturbed a few spirits, and ever since visitors have seen a “lady in white” and a gentleman with a handlebar mustache roaming around. You might hear phantom music in the ballroom and mysterious footsteps as well!

Fort Worth, Miss Molly’s Hotel

Miss Molly’s Hotel started out as a boarding house, became a speakeasy during the prohibition era, and was a bordello during the 1940s. Legend has it that several women who once lived and worked there have no plans to check-out –– they still appear as apparitions in each of the hotel’s 7 themed rooms. If you spend the night, don’t be surprised to find flickering lights, moved belongings, and unexplainable sounds and scents! A gorgeous hotel filled with authentic relics from the wild west days, Miss Molly’s hotel reminds us of Fort Worth’s history (with a side of ghosts).

Dallas, Sons of Hermann Hall

As the oldest free-standing wood structure and the oldest bar in Dallas, it’s no surprise that this historic Dance and Music hall has been rumored to be haunted. The local news channel even conducted a ghost hunt to capture real proof of the apparitions. Founded as the German Fraternal Society, the historic Texas landmark now functions as a highly-rated music venue and dance hall where you can catch a swing lesson every Wednesday. Sightings of orbs of flashes of light, and even ghosts and children playing have been spotted and heard in the converted bowling alley and upstairs ballroom, but nothing to catch a fright over – employees assure you that they are benevolent and welcoming spirits.

Austin, The Driskill Hotel

The Driskill Hotel has a haunting history, whether you choose to believe it or not, there are many tales surrounding the halls of this historic hotel. The most popular legend is that two recent brides both committed suicide in room 525 at the hotel. The tragedies occurred 20 years apart and if you stay in the rooms, you may catch a glimpse of their white wedding gowns where they died.. in the bathtub.

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From Texas with love, Happy Halloween y’all!