Houston Elites Experience Go! Go! Curry – First Texas Location!

Grand Slam | photo by Long T

The internationally known Japanese curry house, Go! Go! Curry, opened its first Texas location  in Houston’s Chinatown on October 25, 2018 – but Greater Houston Elites were invited to a sneak peek experience a day before the official opening.

Onsite was Go! Go! Curry President and CEO Tomoko Omori who educated Elites on the history of Japanese curry, as well as the franchise concept, menu, and name, which was inspired by former New York Yankees MLB player Hideki Matsui’s jersey number 55. “Go” is the pronunciation of the Japanese word for the number 5. Hence, Go! Go! Curry! From Grand Slam curry platters to dishes of Home Run, Elites enjoyed a tasting of Japanese comfort food.

Check out the event reviews and photos by Long T.