Chicago Gets Stealthy At SafeHouse

Themed restaurants are always the absolute best when the business is completely dedicated to the bit, and SafeHouse Chicago is the perfect example of doing just that. The moment Elites walked in for a late night event on Friday, September 14, they immediately became undercover spies on a mission to experience all things stealthy.

Any Elite who didn’t know the password to enter SafeHouse Chicago had to perform some sort of ritual in order to get to the party. Starting at 10pm until midnight, Yelpers were offered complimentary beer, wine, and sample sizes of SafeHouse’s cocktails, to make sure every Elite had the chance to try what their menu offers. Along with these fabulous drinks were plenty of food options as well, including make-your-own nachos, salads served in martini glasses, and sliders.

Along with delicious food and a massive amount of drinks, SafeHouse made sure to bring all the fun, too. SafeHouse has plenty of nightlife offerings, and are open until 2am on Friday and Saturday, and they made sure to showcase everything they have to offer.

To start, they have an absolutely fantastic DJ who truly played bangers all night long. People got wild on the dance floor, due to a mixture of strong cocktails and great music. SafeHouse also features a giant photo booth, where Yelpers took advantage of a green screen background that could be replaced with images from all around the world!

And best of all, SafeHouse featured their interrogation session, called Hail to the Chief, for two lucky Yelpers. After holding a contest among all 125 Elites on the list to pitch the best spy name, Yelpers Stephanie B and Katie E were chosen. Each were blindfolded and taken to a secret location, where they were then interrogated on a large screen in front of the entire party. If either told a lie during the interrogation, they’d be punished. But if they survived, they’d get a cocktail on the house. Luckily, both survived and emerged to find a cocktail with their name on it!

Plenty of Yelp swag was scattered about, including a new favorite: selfie ring lights. What is a late night event without some extra bright lights for photos?! SafeHouse also upped the goodie game with a social media contest: One lucky Elite who posted a photo with the hash tag #safehouse_chi would be chosen around midnight to win a $200 bar tab to come back and use as they please! The stakes were high, and the photos rolled in. Elite Pham D ended up winning the big prize at the end of the night!

Thank you so much to the team at SafeHouse Chicago for a memorable and stealthy night!

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