Top 30 Restaurants According to New Yorkers

Yelp has just announced the Top 30 Restaurants According to New Yorkers. This is a list of the most popular New York restaurants that take reservations, according to New Yorkers. To compile the list, Yelp’s data scientists ranked local full-service restaurants that take reservations, based on the percentage of reviews which mention reservations. Only reviews from users who identified their hometown as New York were considered.  

Congratulations to all of our Yelp Reservations customers that made the list! Thanks to Yelp Reservations, restaurants are saving time, money and running their business more efficiently. Yelp is making it easier for diners to enjoy the best of the city from all-you-can-eat hotpot and bbq at 99 Favor Taste to fresh lobster rolls at Burger & Lobster.   

Burger & Lobster, Photo by Yelp User JohnnyPrimeC. C.