San Antonio: Elite Experience at Bowl & Barrel

Let the good times roll! The Yelp Elites got to roll some strikes and have yummy finger foods, thanks to Bowl and Barrel! Not everyone got a strike, but everyone was winning by the end of the night and went home stuffed!

Photo Courtesy of Noah Acevedo

Bowl and Barrel is not your typical old school bowling alley- in fact, it’s far from it! This upscale, boutique bowling alley serves great food, great drinks, and has 15 bowling lanes to get rolling! Yelpers were welcomed by the front desk staff, with a full service bar right at the entrance. Before the games began, everyone got to meet the manager of the location and talked about the origins of a bowling alley. The guests were put in random teams, laced up their bowling shoes and started off the night rolling! Butcher Shop Board, a deluxe charcuterie spread, was the first thing on the lineup and it did not disappoint! It was the perfect dish to pick at while in between turns with the ham, baguette, and pickles. Pretzels and melted cheese were up next and everyone’s mouths were watering! Everyone can agree that the saltiness and buttery of the pretzel paired perfectly with the melted cheese. The yummiest drinks came around like the Velvet Mule and the Barrel Margarita. After everyone got their fix, Kyle Noonan, the CEO and co-founder of Bowl and Barrel introduced himself to everyone and told everyone the incredible story of why he created Bowl and Barrel. Once he concluded, the guests were served the juiciest meatballs! They’re like mini bowling balls, but they taste way better! There was three different flavors for guests to choose from: Meatloaf, Pork and Beans, and Buffalo Chicken!

Photo Courtesy of Noah Acevedo

While guests were throwing strikes and gutters, everyone was having a blast with all of the pop classics playing in the background! Each team of about 6 people were out to beat one another and it was a big, friendly competition amongst the Yelpers. Burgers in a Bag came next and they were some of the best sliders cooked! Filled with mayo, cheddar cheese, bacon, and served with fries on the side, everyone digged in! Although the games started to come to an end, the final dish, the always tasty pizza, was served and hit the spot! With flavors like pepperoni, sausage and peppers, margherita, and mushroom, everyone had a favorite! The games came to an end, and some Yelpers left home as champs, but everyone left home winning once Bowl and Barrel served cotton candy! That’s right, you read cotton candy! Immediately jaws dropped and had the Yelpers reminiscing on their childhood and being a kid again! Thank you to the management of Bowl and Barrel for such a great, sweet night- it was right up our alley!

Photo Courtesy of Noah Acevedo

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