Gino’s East Treats Chicago To Some Pizzas and Pints

On Wednesday, August 8, 2018, Chicago Yelp Elites followed the scent of deep dish pizza to the Gino’s East River North Brew Pub, where they were greeted by 100 other Elites, in-house crafted brews, and unique new pizza recipes.

Gino’s Brew Pub is a fairly new addition to their River North location where friends can meet up to drink a cold beer and enjoy live entertainment. Anyone sitting in the Brew Pub has a great view of the actual brewery itself, and ordering some deep dish pizza while visiting is a pretty good idea, too.

During the event, Elites were greeted with goodie bags packed with swag from both Gino’s East and Yelp. The goodies included pizza cutters, beer cozies, shot glasses, sunglasses, and a ticket to return to the Gino’s East Comedy Bar on Gino’s East’s dime. That’s just naming a few of the items!

While everyone was in good spirits enjoying complimentary appetizers like wings, pub chips, and even veggies and hummus, the real star of the show was Gino’s DeepAF pizza (that’s “Deep As…” well, you know). Some of the pizza recipes featured were classics, like Spinach Margherita and cheese, and others were completely unique, like Ratatouille and Burger and Fries. The latter was topped with actual French Fries. Can you believe?!

While everyone held their food babies close and drooled at videos of perfected cheese pulls taken mere minutes before, the room remained lively. Whether Elites continued to catch up, took even more photos, or if they could handle it, began preparing for dessert, the good times refused to end. Also, the fact that Gino’s spoiled Elites with complimentary dessert after so many complimentary apps, pizza, and beer was glorious!

Thank you so much to the team at Gino’s East River North for a memorable and cheesy night!

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