Vegan Voyages: Ice Cream!

Summer is just getting started and you’ve already got dreams of ice cream chilling down your hot little self. Traditionalists may prefer it served soft and chocolate/vanilla swirled, while others are all about these crazy new choices (charcoal?!) and toppings (edible glitter?!), but one thing we can agree on: we’re all screaming for it right about now. Vegan ice cream has come a long way from its dark days as a soy bean flavor-dominating disappointment. Now that we have coconuts, almonds and even frozen bananas joining the dairy-free dessert party, leaving the cow out of it is more delicious than ever! Let Yelp take you on a crave-worthy journey through the vegan ice cream hall of fame…

Cosmic Treats, Toronto, ON

Sundaes may ensure fun days, but Cosmic Treat’s Ice Cream Apocalypse surely is #lifegoals. Choose from coconut and almond based ice creams in an array of daily flavors, nut-free softserve and soy fro-yo! “Chocolate flavor is classic and you can’t go wrong with that. Cookie dough is very creamy… Honestly this is the best vegan ice cream I ever had. And I have pretty much tried them all.” – Ayad F.

Sweet Soulfood, New Orleans, LA

Sweet Soulfood opened just in time for the hot hot summer in New Orleans, much to the delight of those of us seeking plant-based frozen treats made in-house! “You can taste the flavors should that be your desire… I’m a happy, happy, dairy-free, vegan food eating camper.” – Teneha B. Flavor options may change, but often include ice dreamy flavors like Praline Royal, Queen Peach and Rocky NOLA.

Cashew Cow, Tucson, AZ

I know. You’re not believing your eyes that this is vegan, either. “While I was eating it I felt a little wrong for eating something so good… I had the cinnamon scoop which was delicious! The texture was very creamy, and the flavors were great.” – Nesha P. That lemon poppyseed has our name all over it!

Sticky Sweet, Portland, ME

Peanut Butter Fire (with cayenne!) Lavender Lemon Cookie. Sea Salted Maple. You can thank two sisters from Maine (or is it Heaven?) for their hand-crafted creations.”Their frozen ice cream made with cashews, coconut milk, coconut sugar, maple syrup and natural flavorings are BOMB from what I’ve tried. Totally delicious.” – Becky M.

Nami, Phoenix, AZ

Ah, nothing like vegan soft serve, right? “Um, it’s not just vegan soft serve! It’s extra thick, extra creamy, not-too-sweet vegan soft serve. And then they put stuff in it! Completely different. It’s basically a veganized Blizzard… my favorite combination is Cap’n Crunch Berries and strawberries.” – Christy G. We happily stand corrected!

Goldie, Philadelphia, PA

Goldie’s Tehina shakes things up with four flavors of icy sesame bliss: original, Turkish coffee, mint chocolate and banana. “It is so damn good! It is so smooth and creamy… I loved the nuttiness, which was balanced by the sweetness.” – Jean J.

Hug Life, Garden Grove, CA

“OMG where has this place been my whole life?… I got the matcha Green Tea Monsta (green tea matcha flavor with chunks of oreo) and Earl Great (tastes exactly like earl grey tea). Highly recommend these flavors and literally doesn’t taste any different from regular ice cream.” – Lilly N. Revel in plant-based decadence by digging into an enormous Hug Pie loaded with all the good stuff.

Banán, Honolulu, HI

Here’s something to go bananas over! There are flavor and toppings galore: “They offer multiple flavors, about 6 or more on a rotating basis.  From acai to chocolate macadamia they’re all unique and delicious!  It’s a refreshing treat without being overly sweet… I personalize the Chunkadelic by swirling the banana with the acai, then swap the toasted coconut for banana slices.” – Melissa W.

Sweet Ritual, Austin, TX

“So, this is what vegan heaven is like. I feel all I need besides a Sweet Ritual gigantic birthday waffle cone with unicorn poop and sprinkles, is some cute hipster clothing, lush gardens, and a bunch of furry friends to welcome me.” – Yasemin A. Clearly Sweet Ritual leaves one spellbound with its beautiful and magical concoctions.

Vegan Treats, Bethlehem, PA

It may not sound or look like your typical soft serve, but “the coconut ash ice cream is indescribably delicious!” – Rene C. Or perhaps s’mores soft serve with speculoos and chocolate marshmallow is more your flavor of the day? It changes on the regular, so enjoy the surprise or call ahead.

Umaluma Dairy-Free Gelato, Vancouver, BC

If you’re intrigued by the idea of black sesame gelato and you’re in Vancouver, run, don’t walk, to Umaluma. “Because it’s made with cashew creme you almost get the combo flavour of Chinese black sesame pudding and cashew pudding mixes together into ice cream. It genuinely tastes like black sesame pudding gelato. It’s actually quite astounding.” – Audrey W.

Dajen Eats, Orlando, FL

Bet you never thought you’d find incredible vegan eats in a gas station before, never mind Irie Cream at this owner-operated sweet spot. “There was something incredibly endearing about the manner in which the proprietress herself placed just a touch of syrup and a crunchy bit of garnish atop the scoop.” – Selena A. Irie is a general sign of approval in Jamaican English and you can find pints of Irie Cream in stores in Central Florida. Red Velvet Cheesecake sure gets the Yelp sign of approval!

Did your favorite vegan ice cream spot get overlooked? Shoot me a message on Yelp. I’d love to hear from you as I’m always on the lookout for new places to check out on my next Vegan Voyage!