Frosé is Taking the Summer by Storm

As summertime approaches, rosé season is once again upon us. After all, nothing pairs better with sunshine and warm weather than a refreshing glass of the beloved pink drink. While there are countless ways to indulge in the light, fruity flavors of rosé, frozen rosé — better known as frosé — has quickly established itself as one of the most popular renditions of the blush wine and is considered by many to be a summer staple.

In celebration of National Rosé Day on June 9th, Yelp data scientists took a dive into search and review data in order to gain deeper insight into the rise of frosé in the US. While the first mention of frosé on Yelp came from The Standard in Miami Beach in 2016, restaurants and bars all over the country have since created their own delicious twists on the rosé concoction.

Check out some of the spots where frosé first sprouted up in our reviews:

  1. The Standard Spa Hotel – Miami Beach, FL
  2. The Canteen – Provincetown, RI
  3. Willa Jean – New Orleans, LA
  4. Duplex Diner – Washington, D.C.

Fittingly, the demand for frosé has proved to be seasonal. While reviews and searches for the drink made small appearances towards the end of 2016 and in January 2017, the presence of frosé all but disappeared over the winter months before spiking dramatically during the summer of 2017. While this spike might be interpreted as a trend that has peaked, the data proves otherwise: There were 16 times more searches for frosé in May 2018 than there were in December 2017. What’s more, Yelp searches for frosé in May 2018 quadrupled relative to last year, showing that this frosty treat is poised for another warm weather takeover.

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