How To Make a Great Yelp Page for Your Beauty & Spa Business

People are always looking for great local businesses and many turn to Yelp for their search. But how do you ensure that your Beauty and Spa business stands out amongst the others?

Investing some time into completing your business profile is one simple way you can attract customers to your business. On average, Beauty & Spa businesses with complete business profiles receive 145% more page views per month*.

Follow these 4 easy steps to make sure that your Beauty & Spa business is on the right track to attracting more customers.

4 Important Page Updates for Beauty and Spa Businesses

1. Provide a Phone Number
Don’t risk missing out on potential reservations and appointments. Allow your business to run efficiently by including a way for customers to easily contact and communicate with you.

Be sure to add a phone number to your Yelp page. Beauty & Spa businesses with a phone number average 66% more customer leads* from Yelp. This means more clicks to your website and more phone calls to your business.

2. Add Photos of Your Services
Customers want to see your products, services, and work! Photos are just another way to communicate and interact with your customers. Plus, businesses with at least one photo average 128% more phone calls. There is no limit to how many photos you can upload, so photo away!

3. Update Your Business Hours
Do you have special hours during the holidays? Make it easy for potential customers to find when you are open for business. Beauty & Spa businesses with hours listed average 35% more check-ins* on Yelp. So, be sure to post your regular schedule, and add special hours for holidays and other special occasions.

4. Add Your Website
Your website can be a great source of information that your potential customers can rely on to make a purchasing decision. Businesses who list their website average 60x more page views and customer leads* on Yelp. Provide a link to your website so customers can access helpful information they need, and learn more about your business!

More ways to help your business grow and connect with the right customers.

Categories and Services

Make sure your business is easy to find for Yelp users searching in your area by confirming your business categories. Be sure to include all of the relevant categories for your business type and services so you don’t miss out on any searches.

Service Offerings
Show consumers on Yelp the specific services your business offers. Be sure to keep these updated on your Yelp page so Yelp users can find what they need, and you can get more targeted and relevant inquiries.

Request an Appointment

Interested in having business come right to your inbox? Our free Request an Appointment feature allows Yelp users browsing your Yelp page to send appointment requests for services they need via our simple messaging platform.

Download the Yelp for Business Owners App
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*Source: Yelp Internal Data, 2017. Customer leads means Yelp users who have taken action on the business’ page, including making a phone call, viewing the map, visiting the website, or sending a message or request to the business.


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