Yelp Cleveland’s Custom Candle Making

This April, Yelp Elites headed to the bar to become master mixologists. No, we aren’t talking about your favorite neighborhood dive, we’re talking about Cleveland Candle Co.’s “Candle Bar” where, instead of cocktails, we hand-poured individually unique soy wax candles! With 200+ scent options ranging from fragrant florals to delectable desserts, there was no shortage of great smells and happy noses. Upon arrival, Elites were greeted by the aptly named “candle wall” where they could sniff all of the pre-made options available for purchase. Cleveland Candle Co. sources 90% of their oils from Ohio and uses a 100% custom soy wax blend sourced from U.S. soybeans. This means a slower, longer burn (30+ hours!) and no toxins filling your airspace. A candle that smells amazing and you don’t have to feel bad about burning? Sign me up! After Yelpers explored the candle wall to inform their own creations, the master Candle Makers helped each guest create their perfectly balanced scent with oils, then sent us on our way to mix up the magic! As Yelp Elite Danielle S. wrote, “I chose four different oils and swirled them together to make a sinfully delicious smell called Autumn Haven. There was gingerbread, pecan waffle, pumpkin spice and apple streusel. Highly recommend! In fact, I might make the exact same candle the next time I go.”

Next up, Yelpers added their concoctions to the hand-poured candle wax and slowly stirred up the mixture to spread the oils evenly throughout. While the candles were taken to the back to cure, Yelp Elites socialized and browsed all the local items Cleveland Candle Co. has to offer. Yelper Megan M. explained, “You can make your own candles, buy pre-made candles, bath bombs, soap, or even lip balm! They have special workshops and events here including canvas painting! I’m coming back specifically for that.”Finally, Yelpers created a handwritten label and named their custom scent. Creativity flourished as Elites smelled their new candles, ranging from Lovers Lane to Witches Brew!  To sum up the evening, Kristen M. wrote “The staff at Cleveland Candle Co. were very helpful, encouraging and friendly. The environment was stimulating for crafting and there was plenty of room to work even with our large group in the space. I love the locally sourced ingredients in their products and that they’re all natural and free of harmful chemicals.”

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The Cleveland Candle Co. • Elizabeth Sturm Photography