Vegan Voyages: Brunch!

Springtime sure seems to inspire dreams of bountiful brunches. Perhaps you’re waking up from visions of the best bennys and saltiest tubed meats, but then you shake all that away because you no longer partake in pig nor egg. Syrupy stacks of pancakes, fluffy omelettes, creamy, buttery grits and flaky waffles are all a thing of the past, right? Wrong! We’ve got a list of plant-based purveyors that will make those decadent dreams a reality, whether you’re craving “chicken” and waffles in Toronto or sensational scrambles in St. Paul… come with us and get your vegan brunch on!

Donna Jean, San Diego, CA

There’s no brunch better enjoyed than with your best friend. Donna Jean’s patio is pooch-friendly! “Donna Jean is the perfect brunch place for any vegan looking for a delicious omelette, made from ingredients in house… The omelette was made of cauliflower and grilled to perfection. The light turmeric flavor really enhanced the grilled mushrooms and red peppers within.” – Julia K

Little Choc Apothecary, Brooklyn, NY

Feeling brunch vibes outside the normal weekend cutoff hour? Indulge in Little Choc Apothecary’s crêpes at (almost) anytime! “Their burrito, a concoction of avocado, coconut bacon, black beans, homemade cashew cheese and homemade chipotle hot sauce – what only some madman would ever try to conceive – was the dish that stole the show.” – Rodrigo P

V-Eats Modern Vegan, Dallas, TX

Southern-style eats don’t always mean meat sweats. Weekend brunch at V-Eats will please even the most staunch traditionalist. “I had the Fried Chicken & Waffles and y’all, LIFE-CHANGING. This was the closest thing I’ve had to fried chicken in the six years I’ve been vegetarian. The batter is packed with flavor and it comes out SUPER crispy.” – Michael B

The Modern Vegan, Las Vegas, NV

Modern vegans in Vegas have access to endless eats, sweets and boozy bevs. You, too, may be screaming, Oh My God, Holy Hell and I Love You when you dip into their sundaes by those very names. “I was craving more of a traditional brunch and when I found they made biscuits and gravy I was sold. We ordered the biscuits and gravy, and chicken and waffles. Both were absolutely delicious. The service was friendly and prompt. The prices were fair and the portions huge!” – Paul W

Vegano, Montréal, Quebec

“Le brunch” is practically a religious affair in Canada’s City of Saints at Vegano! “My order of waffles and ‘bacon’ was fantastic. Waffle was rich and flavourful. Burrito was absolutely huge and made with roti type bread and served open. Side order of sausage was some of the best breakfast sausage, vegan or not, that I’ve ever had.” – Ved N

No Bones Beach Club, Portland, OR

Make no bones about it: “Best brunch I have had in over 3 years. It’s the best damn Benedict crab cakes in all of Portland. Vegan or not it’s absolutely f***ing money!” – Cameron K. We think you’ll be similarly swearing praise over the Ballard “lox” bagel or blackberry mango stuffed French toast!

Seed, New Orleans, LA

Brunch may have its origins in England but it’s a way of life for New Orleanians. “I had the Grits and Grillades… oh… my… goodness! Delicious! It was so good I was thinking about it hours later and how it tasted like it was meat. Even the texture was so similar I couldn’t believe it.” Jess C. Cue the powdered sugar storm, folks, because they have vegan beignets, too!

Graze Nashville, Nashville, TN

“I had the tofu rancheros, which were a lovely mix of black beans and perfectly seasoned tofu on two tortillas. The tortillas seemed pretty delicate and full of delicious goodness so I ate them open with my fork instead of picking them up.” – Tiffany W. While you’re at it, pair that goodness up with the biscuits and gravy, cuz you deserve it, not to mention a Bloody Mary (traditionally these brunch drinks are not vegan).

Hogtown Vegan, Toronto, Ontario

Toronto yelpers don’t have to travel for Southern comfort with Hogtown Vegan’s two locations. “Go to their brunch. Get the unchicken and waffles. You will not be disappointed. This place proves that vegan food doesn’t have to be just boring salads or beans. I’m not vegan, and I think even someone that eats chicken would be impressed with the unchicken here – it’s perfectly crispy. My friend got a vegan omelette with Daiya ‘cheese’ that was also tasty…” – Tanya H

Whole Heart Provisions, Allston, MA

Whole Heart Provisions’ goal is to “make veggies the star of the show.” We’re buying tickets to Sunday Brunch, The Whole Heart Musical because of their seasonal pancakes, Korean-style ‘Huevos’ Rancheros, and more. “I want to try everything on the menu. For one, it’s all vegan. And it all looks creative and promises to be delicious… The patatas are perfectly cooked. I loved the aioli. The matcha banana pancakes were soft and fluffy.”Kelly N Z R.

V Street, Philadelphia, PA

“Amazing vegan food which their staff describe as vegan global cuisine, V Street’s brunch provisions may make you feel like you’re on a food tour around the world, sans passport. Dig into Peruvian home fries, not to mention, “their Pho french dip changed my life… Combine it with the vegan pho broth in this cute little Chinese tea cup and you get the most divine vegan dish. It is comforting, hearty, and I can’t rave more about it. One of the best vegan things I’ve had in my 10 years as a vegan.” – Natalie K

J. Selby’s, St. Paul, MN

“We ordered the Breakfast Hash and the Mediterranean Scramble… The Hash, which contained a chopped-up Herbivorous Butcher breakfast sausage, had a slight spicy taste and a tahini dressing that complemented it. The Scramble’s tofu  texture and look mimicked truly eggs. The feta cheeze surprised me, as it actually tasted like dairy cheese, unlike most vegan varieties.”Avik H. Oh, how we love food surprises that are delicious, not to mention healthy and compassionate!

Did your favorite vegan brunch spot get overlooked? Shoot me a message on Yelp. I’d love to hear from you as I’m always on the lookout for new places to check out on my next Vegan Voyage!