Meet Yelp’s Home Service Heroes: Freddy The Plumber

If you’re battling a serious sushi craving, chances are high that Yelp can help you find a reliable Japanese restaurant. Looking for last minute flowers to impress your date? Yelp has got florists that you can call in a flash. And if you need to groom your pup in a pinch, Yelp has got you covered.

What you may not know is that Yelp can find you a hero to save the day if you need something fixed around the house. Plumbers, roofers, electricians, contractors, locksmiths, exterminators and movers are just a few of the many home service businesses found on Yelp. Features like Request a Quote, Service Areas, business hours and Service Offerings make Yelp a one stop shop if you need help fast.

“’A new roof is not like new clothes. When you need it you need it now.”’ -Hristo Kyurkchiev, Boston Gutters

In other words, sometimes these home service emergencies just can’t wait. Luckily, Yelp is here to help. We’ve searched near and far to find home service heroes who have come to the rescue when Yelpers were in a time of need.

Freddy who owns Plumbing Tree in San Diego recalled a time when he saved the day for a Yelper who was very close to getting ripped off:


“Another company had been out to attempt to clear his kitchen drain but they weren’t able to clear it so they returned a second time and still couldn’t clear the line even after using some “special equipment”. They quoted him at over $8K to re-route his drain line but he didn’t feel right about the contractors. He then turned to Yelp and found us. We came out and cleared line with in 30 minutes and $150 later the problem was solved. It’s been 4 months and still no issues. Unfortunately the industry has many salesman due to the aggressive commission environment employers have placed. Part of our mission is to help break that mold and Yelp has given us a platform to shed light on this issue — the reviews attest to that.”

Sometimes a plumbing emergency just can’t wait. Because of Plumbing Tree’s responsiveness they were able to help out Yelper Gabriela M when she was in a major bind.

“We moved into a new place this week and on Saturday late evening we had a major plumbing issue… Sewage was coming from the bathtub and master shower and the toilets were clogged. Absolutely disgusting. I immediately went to Yelp and started calling 24 hour plumbers. I called eight plumbers, only one company answered and they were busy til the following morning. I was not about to let sewage sit overnight where my kids take baths. I left seven messages with other companies and only one business called me back. Plumbing Tree called me back and had a plumber to us in an hour and a half. Miguel was so awesome, professional, great with my kids and cleaned the mess after. I’m so thankful he came to our rescue and fixed this disgusting issue… Use Plumbing Tree for their reliability, professionalism and the icing on the cake was it was less expensive than we expected, although at that point I would have payed triple to get rid of the problem. Thank you Miguel and Plumbing Tree!”

Every day Yelp helps people make decisions on where to spend their money. And while finding a quality pizzeria or a new nail salon is helpful there is nothing more important than taking care of the place that you call home. Next time you are in need of a home service hero don’t forget that help is just one Yelp search away.