How, When, Where: Tips for Nailing Your Post-Interview Thank Yous

Some may think that post-interview thank you notes are a thing of the past, but here at Yelp, we still believe in the power of a sweet and simple thank you. Not only does it frame you as a thoughtful job seeker, but it’s also another chance for you to reiterate your interest and qualifications. There are lots of different ways you can relay your gratitude, and to help you craft a note that will get you closer to landing your #FiveStarCareer, our recruiting team has rounded up some answers to your burning questions:

How soon should I send my note?

The best time to send your thanks would be a few short hours after your interview. Sending it directly after the interview can seem disingenuous. Did you have this in your drafts ready to send right after meeting? We hope not. On the other hand, sending it over 24 hours later is simply too late. Some hiring decisions can be made very quickly, so you want to make sure that you aren’t missing your last chance to make a lasting impression.

How should I send my thanks?

Email is good, but a handwritten note is even better. If you’re a local candidate with an opportunity to drop by the business, stop by and leave your thank you cards with the front desk. A handwritten note is a rarity, so be a part of that small percentage and stay noticed. Not everyone has the convenience of dropping by anytime, and if that’s the case, a short 3-4 sentence email to each person you spoke with will do the trick. Nevertheless, find a way to make yourself stand out from the rest.

What should I say in my note?

In true Yelp fashion, we like when people are authentic and unboring. Stay away from the templated responses and opt for something more personal and customized to your experience. Did you talk about a mutual love of shoes or an upcoming trip? Be sure to touch on it briefly to show that you were actively listening. Was there a specific challenge that you can help solve? Make sure to reiterate your skills and ability to help in that area. Including helpful links to industry articles or relevant trends is another way to keep your note fresh and interesting.

Whatever the case, a thank you goes a long way, and sending gratitude can help determine if you are the 5-star employee a company is looking for. Interested in working at Yelp?

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