7 GIFs That’ll Satisfy Your Inner Clean Freak (No Work Required)

The only thing better than making a mess is the satisfying feeling you get when it’s all cleaned up. There’s just something special about a fresh, spotless pile of dishes or squeegeeing the streaks off of a window. The only thing even better than that? Not having to do it yourself. Find out why you’re gonna want to find your next cleaner on Yelp. 

Folding laundry. (Ugh, laundry.)

Some people find folding a pile of fresh-from-the-dryer underpants pleasing and meditative. (Counterpoint: Those people have malfunctioned.)

That post-party “a tornado hit my living room” vibe.

Parties are great if you’ve got friends who chip in with the cleanup before somersaulting into a Lyft. For everyone in the real world, not so great.

The dark side of a wholesome home-cooked meal.

Cooking at home is cheaper, and sometimes tastier, than dining out… and about a thousand times more stressful to clean up.

Didn’t these walls used to be white?

You can clean your walls but they’ll never be brand new. That wine stain isn’t going anywhere. Good news is you can just paint over it.

Here’s a weird fact about dust.

Did you know that dust is largely made up of dead skin cells? No? (It’s not really. That’s a myth. But some of it is. Also, dust mites.) Bet you want to get rid of all the dust in your apartment really really badly now, right?

It’s not dark out. Your windows are just due for a cleaning.

A clean window is the best kind of window. Just look at this GIF. Can’t you hear the squeaky sound of it getting squeaky clean? That’s just your imagination… but it doesn’t have to be. We can find you a window cleaner.

Just about everything else.

Life is messy. Sometimes it’s really messy. Point is, we’ve got you covered. So give yourself a break and find the perfect cleaner to take care of all of that stuff better than you ever could.