Meet The CM Intern: Megan H, Cleveland

From planning local events to working with the media and business owners, CM interns play an important role in helping the community discover great local businesses. Cleveland’s Megan H interned with the community management team in 2017 and shares her tips for making the most of what she calls “one of the most unique and wonderful internships on the planet.”

What did you do before your Yelp internship?
I was a senior at Kent State University. I was heavily involved with Black Squirrel Radio, spinning tunes and marketing my college radio station. I also finished an internship at House of Blues Cleveland before landing my dream internship at Yelp Cleveland.

What was your favorite thing about representing Cleveland on Yelp?
Representing Yelp is such a special thing. Getting to interact with the Yelp community was wonderful. I’ve never met a more motivated group of people that love helping local businesses. I loved being someone they could turn to for advice and to be a part of the center of their universe. I was the right-hand woman of the CM and felt valued as an influencer in the city.

What’s a great local business that you discovered because of Yelp?
I fell in love with Molto Bene Italian Eatery at one of Yelp’s hoppin’ Supper Clubs. I loved it so much I dragged my parents there last weekend for homemade gelato and unreasonably good pasta. It’s cozy, authentic and family-owned.

How would you spend a perfect Saturday in Cleveland?
We’d start the day people watching and shopping for cannoli at the West Side Market. Add in succulent shopping at Urban Orchid followed by getting completely lost in the contemporary collection at The Cleveland Museum of Art. Cap it all off with dinner and drinks at Le Petit Triangle Café for a little slice of Paris.

If you could take one local celebrity to lunch, where would you go and with whom?
I would take the Cleveland CM, Lauren K (pictured left). We’d adventure to Flipside for an Inverted Veggie Burger (I’m a vegetarian) and a Blueberry Milkshake. Lauren and I became great friends during my internship and I am so grateful for my experience! I adore her stories, positivity and approach to loving everything Cleveland.


What experiences did you gain as a CM intern?
This internship changed my life. I strengthened my writing, learned about social media, planned events and became a better communicator with business owners. This internship made me more confident and I now realize there are so many things I can do with my skills. I felt like a true insider, part of the company, and a trusted colleague. It felt like a trial run for a full-time job and helped me transition from post grad life to a full-time career. It polished me.

What was your favorite part about the internship?
There are too many things to name. One of my favorite experiences was helping local businesses shine through the event program. I loved seeing how a business could grow and thrive from meeting Yelpers. Some of my favorite events were Yelp’s Succulent Workshop 101, Yelp’s Popcorn Tour + Candy Making and Yelp’s Power of Rock. I didn’t realize how much I would improve at planning events and seeing such a creative process out from start to finish.

What is your advice to applicants looking to land a CM intern role?
Know and love your city, and it will show! Show your passion for not just super popular businesses and events, but dig deeper for those gems. Do not be shy to make your strengths known! You’re being interviewed because you’re awesome, so be confident and let your personality (and skills) shine.

What is your advice to applicants starting out in the role?
Take every opportunity given to you! This was the greatest college experience I had. Tell your CM your crazy ideas and be bold. You’ll get double out of it what you put into it, and if you’re lucky enough to be chosen, work hard, learn from your mistakes and be open to new challenges. I couldn’t buy this type of experience and I am so grateful to Lauren and Yelp for helping prepare me for the real world.

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Photos courtesy of Elizabeth Sturm Photography.