My Vegan Valentine: Find Your Plant-Based Bliss

It’s that time of the year when you seek that oh-so-perfect place to share an epic dinner with your beloved that will be cherished and remembered forever. No pressure, right? But don’t expect Cupid to have any answers because that cherub is only good at making you foolish.

Let Yelp take you down the most delicious plant-based path to Be Mine. By the way, we know “romantic” is subjective, so even if you’re not the bougie candle-lit kind of couple, Yelp’s got your back whether you’re seeking a sushi share, bohemian paradise or a very metal meal to linger over.

This list of 14 eateries across the US & Canada is guaranteed to please your vegan boo + you on Valentines Day… or any special date night!

Modern Love, Omaha Nebraska

This vegan den of deliciousness’ name perfectly suits the fare, as you feel genuinely loved by every bite. Punk rockstar vegan chef, Isa Moskowitz’ flagship restaurant delivers otherworldly comfort fare like the decadent Mac & Shews. Everything that we ate was simultaneously complex, unique and nostalgic. – Joon H. If you’re in New York, be sure to check out her restaurant in Brooklyn!

Sushi Momo, Montréal, Quebec

There’s something undeniably sexy about diving into an exquisite array of sushi, and at Sushi Momo, every seaworthy bite is plant-based and pure edible poetry: the tartness of the mango, the spiciness of jalapeño peppers balanced out by sweet potato, the unique umami flavors of pickled Japanese vegetables and seaweed, the hearty feel of portobello mushrooms… And everything tasted so fresh!Yi T.

Candle 79, New York, NY

Vegans in NYC fancying to get fancy and dine on divinely-prepared gourmet vegan offerings for any special occasion can count on Candle 79 to provide the perfect intimate and sophisticated ambiance. The restaurant is gorgeous. Cute, two story, romantic atmosphere. We were sat up top in a large booth. Score! – Thayne L. Check out their Valentine’s Day Prix Fixe 4-course meal with pairings, featuring delectables like the Truffled Rosemary Pan Seared Seitan and – be still our hearts – Chocolate Fondue for Two!

The Moth, Edmonton, Alberta

Toast your darling with a kombucha cocktail at The Moth, Edmonton’s newcomer to the veg scene. Waiters are sweet, interior is bomb, very aesthetic and Instaworthy and if you like vegan/healthy, clean food this place is perfect!Sophia R. The menu boasts such delights as a spicy Jackfruit Crab Cake with Citrus Cream, and a hot & steamy Coconut Lime Laksa soup!

Millennium, Oakland, CA

The Bay Area’s Crown Jewel of vegan cuisine is sure to impress your sweetheart. This is my go-to restaurant to have an amazing dinner with my gf, dishes are quite inventive, seasonal, and so flavorful. – Damien J.

Kindred, San Diego, CA

Soul Crush, followed by a Lucid Dream, washed down with a Gloom Coil… a true romance, right? This is a favorite date spot and I recommend this fantastic establishment to anyone, vegan or non-vegan. Favorite menu items include the Beer Battered Palm Tacos… – Richie F. Also, that framed portrait of Glen Danzig embracing his cat? #goals

Virtuous Pie, Vancouver, British Columbia

Vegan pizzas, salads, ice cream and beer – all I love in life! It’s all that at Virtuous Pie, so be sure and bring your boo to join in on the love affair. They really know how to make the tastebuds flutter with their creamy sauces drizzled on top of fresh herbs. – Amanda C. Not to mention your heart…

Three Carrots, Indianapolis, IN

I went out on a limb and tried the beet burger. I am still thinking about it today. It was absolutely phenomenal. Not only was the food great, but the atmosphere was so great as well. – Kirsten L. Three Carrots has a Valentines Day prixe fixe dinner that features such delights as a vegan cheese plate, sake poached tofu, and a surprise sexxxy dessert (that’s three Xs-sexy). Be sure and buy your tickets ahead of time!

Farm Spirit, Portland, OR

Splurge alert! Find foodie heaven at Farm Spirit. I can’t put descriptions to the food we ate. Every single item which is a part of the bite, from the vegetables to the spices and sauces, are thoughtfully put together so that everything is perfectly paired.Martina C. You’ll want to grab your two tickets to paradise ahead of time, as reservations are required.

Planta, Toronto, ON

Who doesn’t love sharing a plethora of small plates with a loved one? My overall recommendation, if you want to guarantee the best meal, is the truffle mac and cheese. Every bite felt like I died, went to heaven, fell back to earth and do it all over again. – Linda P. Yasss, please!

Sublime, Fort Lauderdale, FL

The name alone should entice you, and visions of the decadent Frito Misto should seal the deal. The cauliflower is tender, and the coating is just a little bit crunchy and crispy, not overcooked and deep-fried. The sauce is a perfect blend of sweet and sour – nothing formulaic about it.Michael D. Because no love is as deep as deep fried anything, let’s be real.

WaterCourse Foods, Denver, CO

Plentiful options (without having to swap or remove things to make them vegan) with several different flavor profiles come together to create a homey, comforting dining experience.Connor D. Reserve for their special Valentines Day Prix Fixe (Beet Wellington, what?!) You so deserve this.

Harvest Beet, Seattle, WA

Shall we say your hearts will be beeting like whoa at this intimate spot that boasts a fireplace and fresh flowers, not to mention, the perfect plates: Ever-evolving, magical, creative, plant-based, locally sourced, three-week micro-season-based, artfully plated, filling, healthy, organic, divine, prix fixe, 5-course, in-house smoker, chef-prepared, vegan, hearty, the freshest, surprising flavors, herbs, sauces, dessert omg-get-in-my-mouth. – Kara C

Vegetable, Studio City, CA

A humble name belies the complexity of each delightful dish at Vegetable. Everything from the food to the atmosphere, staff, and chef are second to none. I had the vegan cheese board and I honestly thought I was eating real cheese. Then I had the pressed Philly cheesesteak (made from shaved Portobello mushroom) and holy insanity that was amazing. – Sherri A. As a candy conversation heart would say, Crazy 4U, no doubt!