At Home With Yelp: Create the Indoor Winter Garden Room of Your Dreams

With cooler temperatures and six more weeks of winter ahead, there’s nothing like a little greenery to lift your spirits and remind you that spring is right around the the corner. Indoor garden rooms seem to be trending right now – Compared to the same period last winter, we’ve seen an increase in gardening searches as a share of all shopping searches on Yelp since December. Here’s a Q&A from Yelp’s Home Editor, Lauren Makk, to learn how you can make the winter garden of your dreams today…

Let’s start with space. What space or area is the best place to start a winter garden? Is it possible to do on a budget?

Before you pursue your garden dreams, know the rooms of your home. Plants need sunlight so pick a room or window that gets natural light. Be mindful of your heating vents and air conditioners as they can impact the temperature of the room. Plants that are too hot, too cold or too dry won’t grow.

What about it you’re living in a rental or temporary space?

If you’re living in a rental or temporary space that doesn’t get adequate sunlight, you can also invest in a grow light to help your garden along.

If you’re worried about space, consider investing in hanging baskets with evergreen clippings or try branches of witch hazel or crabapple to add color to an indoor garden and maximize your space.

What are the best types of plants to bring indoors?

Aloe plants are a great choice for a bringing indoors during the winter. Not only do they look great but the leaves are great to have on hand whenever you get a cut. Other great indoor choices include orchids, African violets and spider plants. You can also raise herbs indoors, like parsley, mint and rosemary, year round.

Any tips for those who DON’T have a green thumb?

There is a plant for everyone! If you don’t have a green thumb, take the time to educate yourself about gardening and design. Take a workshop, do some online research or find your local flower shop on Yelp so that you feel prepared and confident before growing your garden.  

Where do you go for your greenery/garden inspiration? Are the any sites or resources our readers can use?

I love the idea of helping local mom and pop nurseries in your neighborhood or a local flea market/street fair before buying from the big box stores. Check Yelp to find the best ones close to you! This waters the small business owners in your area and helps them continue to thrive – just like your OWN garden!

Interior design and life stylist, Lauren Makk is Yelp’s new Home Editor You may recognize Lauren from TLC’s “Trading Spaces,” ABCs “FAB Life” and OWN’s “Home Made Simple.” Now as a part of the Yelp family, she’ll be sharing how you can use Yelp to create incredible, affordable transformations in your home. You can find more tips from Lauren here.