Omaha’s Via Farina Artfully Crafts Pasta, Pizza And More

via farina little italySince opening in 2016, Via Farina has become one of Omaha’s prime destinations for pizza and Italian fare. Behind this restaurant in Omaha’s historic Little Italy neighborhood are some familiar names in Omaha’s culinary and nightlife scenes: Maven Social Group’s Ethan Bondelid and James Beard Award Semi-Finalist Paul Kulik (Boiler Room, Le Bouillon). Between their shared vision, Via Farina comes to life as a comfortable, contemporary spot to enjoy artfully created pasta, pizza, cocktails and desserts. And at the heart of it all is the oven, constantly moving food in and out of its fiery 850 degree chamber. You can’t miss it, as it sits as a centerpiece for all to see in the open kitchen.

Members of Omaha’s Yelp Elite Squad sat down for a family-style meal to experience Via Farnia’s offerings firsthand, including pasta dishes like chestnut gamelli and chicken liver rigatoni alongside various pizzas including the pepperone and fungo. Appetizers like the fried cauliflower and creative cocktails were had, and enjoyed, as well. Check out reviews and photos from the event and use Yelp Reservations to book yourself a table today.

via farina little italy

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