Are you our new Yelp Elite star? Get your camera ready!

Calling all writers, photographers, and adventurers…

Hello Yelp Elites! We’re totally excited you’re here. It’s a new year, so that means there’s a whole new set of adventures in store for the Yelp Elite Squad—and we’ve got a pretty big announcement. Remember those YES! videos we shared last year? Well, it was so much fun, we’re filming a whole new set… and we want to open up the star spots to auditions! Did that grab your attention? Read on!

What’s the background?

Last year, we invited three epic Yelp Elites to star in three short videos to celebrate all things YES! Every video was specifically tailored to showcase each Elite—Michael “The Writer”, Christy “The Photographer”, and Chris “The Adventurer.” (Because, when you love brunch, naturally that means an endless brunch conveyor belt.) Now we’re looking for three new Elites to represent what it means to be passionate about sharing all things local.

What happens if you pick me?

If you’re picked, you’ll be invited to come and stay in San Francisco and become the star of your own video. Folks all across the world rely on the experiences, photos, and adventures you share—and we think that passion for all things local is worth celebrating.

So, how do I audition?

It’s easy! All you need to do is send us a short audition video. Make sure to:

  • Tell us who you are and where you’re from
  • Keep it short and sweet—between 15 and 30 seconds
  • One entry per 2018 Yelp Elite
  • Tell a story that shows what you love sharing about your city
  • Tell a story that represents who you are as an Elite
  • Submit your video by March 1, 2018
  • Have fun!


Thank you to everyone who sent in nomination videos! We are overwhelmed by the response and will be reaching out to everyone that took part in this campaign. Watch this space to see who the new YES! stars will be for 2018!

Give me some inspiration!

We want to hear and see your story, however you want to show it. Is it a music video? Do you love to mime? Maybe your style is SnapChat. How about stop frame animation? Or you can simply talk to camera. You can film it on your smartphone or a fancy DSLR—whatever you have to hand. You should feature yourself in the video in some way, but only narrate if you want to!


What kind of Yelp Elite stories are you looking for?

While we’re sure you’re already planning something incredible, we’ve got some helpful hints. Here are a few prompts to help you work your magic…

  • What are you passionate about in your city?
    • The people? The food? The neighborhoods?
  • What local experiences always get you excited?
    • Is it the food? The nightlife? The great outdoors?
  • What’s your unique go-to in your city that you could do over and over again?
    • A hidden spot? A one-of-a-kind experience?
  • What’s your niche?
    • Burritos? Parks? Coffee Shops?


Can I get some tips?

If you need help getting started, check out these five top tips from a few of our awesome Community Managers. Feel free to reach out to your CM for advice too—they’re there to help!

Top Tip 1: Have fun!

Ruggy, Manhattan

This should be self explanatory—however you tell your story, make sure you’re having the BEST time. Show what makes you giddy, excited, delighted. From dog parks to dive bars, there’s something awesome in your city that makes you smile.

Top Tip 2:  Show and tell

Isaiah, Baltimore

Whether showing your favorite taco spots—or filming yourself in a bath of tacos if that’s your thing—show and tell us what you’re passionate about in your city. Maybe your video is a montage of the perfect local lattes. Maybe it’s a stroll through your favorite ‘hood.

Top Tip 3: There’s no such thing as “too creative”

Blue, Broward Palm Beach

Will yours be a silent black and white? Prefer parodies? How about action? Feel free to take inspiration from your favorite director—Sofia Coppola, Wes Anderson, or Alfred Hitchcock… the list goes on! There’s no such thing as “too creative.”

Top Tip 4: Remember to be yourself

Candice, Silicon Valley

There’s no substitute for the awesomeness of you! Bask in your gloriousness.

Top Tip 5: Be passionate

Emi, Honolulu

Do you love writing? Sharing the perfect pics? Adventuring? What is it that sets your world on fire? Yelp Elites are passionate peeps—let your passion shine through.


I’m using my smart phone—any app advice?

Sure! Here are a few app faves that could help you bring your vision to life:

  • Cut, arrange, and easily edit your videos with iMovie. Add themes, filters, text, and more to your piece—iOS
  • If you’re looking for the Android version, get on PowerDirector Mobile—Android
  • Need some sweet special FX? Like, explosions or zombies? Grab FxGuru: Movie FX Director—Android, iOS
  • Remember the ’80s? Capture the vibe with the VHS Camcorder app—Android, iOS
  • Going 360 to show it all off? Get yourself the Splash app—iOS

What about gadgets?

If you’re planning to go the extra mile, here are a few items that’ll help you become a movie master:

  • We’ll start with the totally obvi–selfie sticks are your friend.
  • Need something to keep your phone even steadier? Get a mini tripod!
  • Looking for smartphone lenses? Take a look at Ollo Clip‘s awesome range.


I’m ready to submit my audition!

Awesome! Submitting is easy—just upload your video to our form. There are a few rules and regs, so please check the official submission guidelines before you send in your video. Winners will be announced March 31! Feeling social? We love that! Feel free to showcase your masterpiece on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram with the #yelplife hashtag!

Ready? We can’t WAIT to see your amazing videos!


Thank you to everyone who sent in nomination videos! We are overwhelmed by the response and will be reaching out to everyone that took part in this campaign. Watch this space to see who the new YES! stars will be for 2018!


Not a Yelp Elite? Learn more:

If you missed out on this year’s badge—or you’ve not yet made it into the Yelp Elite Squad—fear not! Hop over here to learn more about joining the Squad. Good luck!