Get More Customers In Your Door With Yelp Cash Back

The reviews are in. Yelp users are wild about Yelp Cash Back, one of our newest programs that allows consumers to automatically earn money back after transacting with participating local businesses.

“I’ve gotta tell ya. #YelpCashBack brought me here”Lou C.
“Just got my first payment, couple bucks got credited to my CC, sweet!” -Andrew H.

But consumers aren’t the only ones reaping the benefits of the program — thousands of local businesses in cities like San Diego, San Francisco, LA, New York and Chicago are participating in the program with great success.

“I’ve seen an increase in customers and the amount of orders placed since customers want to get rewards…I like the new customers/new faces. Customers like getting rewards so they don’t mind paying large amounts” -Danny Luna, Quiznos

Yelp Cash Back is transaction-based, which means you don’t pay until a customer has spent money with you. Plus, there are no fixed monthly budgets or long-term contracts, which make it perfect for businesses looking for flexibility.

How Yelp Cash Back Works

  • A Yelp User joins the Cash Back program linking their credit or debit cards
  • The user searches Yelp for a great local business. Your business has a cash back offer that stands out to the user
    • Users can also search specifically for businesses who offer Cash Back (in fact, we see over 3000 searches a day for the term “cash back”)
  • User pays in full at your business through their linked card and gets up to 10% cash back. They keep coming back, even bringing friends along!
  • You pay a small fee at the end of the month for the actual sales brought in from the program.

It takes less than a minute for users to join the free Yelp Cash Back program and it’s simple for businesses to sign up: No hardware or complex setup required. Everything happens behind the scenes so it’s easy for both you and you customers!  Plus, it’s no risk since you’ll only pay when you earn. Yelp just takes a small percentage of what the customer pays you.

Here’s a look at how businesses participating in the Cash Back program can attract customers using Cash Back:

Examples of San Diego Businesses Using Cash Back

With the holiday season fast approaching, searches on Yelp are spiking for categories like Shopping and Restaurants. If you’re interested in a new way to stand out from the competition, give us a call at (844) 889-6997 or visit to learn more.