Day in the Life of Stacey Bearden, Head of Total Rewards & HR Operations

Meet Stacey Bearden, one of the newest additions to the Yelp Human Resources Team. As Head of Total Rewards and HR Operations, you can bet Stacey has her hands full balancing multiple teams across the Human Resources department. But she’s always on top of it, showing off her tenacity and authenticity (like all good Yelp employees do).

Stacey hiking at Mount Diablo

Tell us a little bit about your background.

After graduating college with a math degree, I started my career as a market research consultant where I forecasted the sales of new products. I then transitioned into a career in HR consulting after studying I/O Psychology in graduate school. Fast forward a number of years and I moved into an HR leadership role at one of my client companies and then afterwards found a home here at Yelp in my current role.

What excites you most about Yelp?

There is so much potential within the company and the team itself. The departments are doing well, but how do we scale and skyrocket the value HR can provide to Yelp? That’s where I find my niche and where I would love to see improvement, whether it be building programs and processes, educating managers and employees, or building advisory capability.

Did you ever envision yourself working in HR?

When people are unhappy at work, it’s usually not because of the actual work itself, but because of the company, management, culture, or whatever else it may be. As a kid, people used to ask what I wanted to be when I grew up, but never what I wanted that work life to be like. What a job is like shapes your experiences more than what you do, and that’s what I’m striving to shape and support for Yelp and for my team.

Stacey and her team at a paint night offsite.

What do you strive to accomplish as a manager?

I want to foster the ideal working environment for my team. I want to make sure they have career development opportunities and enable them to do their jobs. Ultimately, I wish for my team to be proactive and take initiative. Whenever problems may arise, I trust my team to work hard to arrive at a solution. Half of being a manager is caring about your team, and I aspire to enable my team to feel supported and guided.

What are you up to when you’re not at work?

I have a 4 year-old son that I prioritize above all else. Every weekend, I take my son on mini adventures in the East Bay, whether it be to the park or the library. When we’re not spending time together, I enjoy solo adventures, going on hikes being one of my favorite activities. Fun fact: I used to teach a swing dancing class with my husband in Berkeley; we met swing dancing!

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