Meet Yelp WiFi — Webinar Recap

In case you missed it, we recently hosted a webinar introducing small business owners to Yelp WiFi.

Yelp WiFi is the newest member of the Yelp family of products. It’s a tool that helps you capture contact information from your customers, and easily send them promotions, offers, and messages by using your existing WiFi connection. It helps you make sure that your customers keep on coming back.

In a world where customers expect free WiFi at businesses everywhere, it’s time you put your WiFi to work. Let’s turn WiFi from customer satisfaction expense to a loyalty driver and another tool for your business to use.

Yelp WiFi can help you leverage your existing WiFi network to gather customer contact information, send promotions, gain insight into customer visit trends, demographics, and the effectiveness of marketing promotions. It is a modern approach to traditional loyalty programs. You can right-size your offers and target consumers based on their behavior.

Has a customer not been back to the shop in a few months? Is someone coming in weekly or even daily? The way you message to these consumers should be different. By capturing their information and buying habits you’ll now be able to do that easily with Yelp WiFi.

Check out the webinar to learn more and to finally get a chance to Meet Yelp WiFi.

**Spoiler Alert**
There is a special offer for businesses who watch the webinar.  All you have to do is watch the webinar to learn more about the offer and find out how you can redeem it!

Yelp Wifi webinar recording

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