Yelp WiFi Keeps You Connected To Your Customers

We’ve been busy this year. In April, Yelp welcomed Turnstyle, an easy-to-use marketing solution. Today, we’re officially announcing that Turnstyle is now Yelp WiFi!

The addition of Yelp WiFi to Yelp’s family of products expands our offerings for local businesses to include simple, effective tools for customer retention and loyalty.

Yelp WiFi is a small plugin for your existing WiFi router that helps you capture valuable contact information from your customers, and easily send relevant promotions and messages to keep them coming back.

Customers today expect free public WiFi at businesses. But what about your business? If you don’t already offer free WiFi, is customer satisfaction enough to justify this monthly cost? Or, if you already offer free WiFi, could you be getting more from this service? This is where Yelp WiFi can help.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Your customer enters your venue and selects your WiFi network on their mobile device
  2. Customer is presented with a beautiful custom branded WiFi login page for your business
  3. Customer logs in for WiFi access by providing their email, mobile number, social media account, or other information you’d like to collect
  4. You and/or your team use these details to easily send and automate emails and SMS messages to stay in touch and reward customer loyalty

With Yelp WiFi, you can learn more about your customers (i.e., who visits most frequently, what promotional offers are most effective) and easily engage them via email or SMS with scheduled or automated promotions (i.e., for their birthday, or a special offer for your “regulars”).

This means more happy, repeat customers. In fact, businesses using Yelp WiFi have seen up to an 80% increase in customer loyalty and engagement. That sounds like a win-win to us.

Don’t lose connection with your customers. Try Yelp WiFi and see why retaining your customers has never been easier. Still have questions? We’re here to help. Call 1-877-452-7180. You can also check out our free recorded webinar to learn more about Yelp WiFi

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