Recorded Webinars For Business Owners, By Business Owners

For our Business To Business webinar series, we asked business owners, just like you, to share what they’ve learned over the years. We made sure to record them just in case you missed it!

Getting More Yelp Reviews The Right Way

Ashley Duchene, photographer webinar host, taking a photograph

Ashley Duchene of Ashley Duchene Photography in San Diego, CA teaches you her tips for getting more reviews on Yelp the right way. By providing excellent client experiences to people who book – and those who don’t – Ashley has maintained a 5-star rating since 2010. Adding a review counter and quotes from Yelpers to her website, she inspires people to rave about her on Yelp, showcasing her strong reputation to could-be clients.

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Using the Magic of Storytelling Techniques to Grow Your Business

Kent Whipple, webinar host, standing in his theater

Kent Whipple, of Unexpected Productions’ Improv, has a simple motto, “Those who tell the stories rule the world.” He works for an improv company, telling stories based on their audience’s experiences (sounds bit like Yelp huh?). “It’s my motto because good stories build relationships and make our customers care. At the end of the day, in business, in life, in our world, those two important things make all the difference. Don’t we all want to make a difference while building a fantastic business?” Meet Kent and hear his story in this webinar.

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How I Grew My Business Just By Responding To Reviews

Stephanie Shearer, webinar host, in one of her boutiques with her husband

Got a Bad Review? Stephanie Shearer, who owns three boutiques in Denver, CO, shares why she responds to every review – even the bad ones in this webinar. Stephanie discusses how her yin approach to yang reviews has actually helped grow her business. Online reviews are here to stay – discover how to recognize and utilize the good in the bad, and walk away with some tips to help you make those negative reviews have a positive impact on your business.

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