Getting to Know Yelp Users

You might know about Yelp (our app, our products), but how much do you know about Yelp users? Knowing who your customers are and how they are finding you is key to getting them in your door. Your Yelp page is more than a place for customers to share their experience with your business – it’s a place for them to learn how you stand out from your competition.

For more insight on how consumers use Yelp to find and purchase from local businesses, we partnered with Nielsen to conduct a study. What we found affirmed that consumers come to Yelp not just to read reviews, but to connect with local businesses and make purchase decisions. Here are some top highlights:

  • 83% of Yelp users evaluate three or more businesses during a search.
  • One in three Yelp users have posted a review, the majority to share a positive experience they had with a business.
  • 70% of Yelpers make a purchase after mapping directions from your Yelp page.
  • 78% of Yelpers make a purchase after calling your business from your Yelp page.
  • Before making a purchase Yelp users engage with your page:
    • 82% read reviews
    • 57% view hours
    • 50% view your website
    • 48% view photos

Consumers come to Yelp with a goal in mind. Whether it’s a good home services company, a trustworthy medical professional or a fun cocktail lounge, they’re looking to find great businesses and then go. To help you connect with customers and standout from the competition, we’ve got just the tools for you.

To find out more about how consumers are using review sites like Yelp to find a business like yours, call one of our account specialists (877) 767- 9357. For tips and tricks on putting your best foot forward to consumers on Yelp, read the ebook.