Downtown’s Thrilla From Manila

Yes, we all love shrimp and grits. But… sometimes you get a hankerin’ for something different, right? Of course you do. And with Nashville’s ever-changing food landscape, there’s no excuse to not take advantage of all sorts of delicious grub to stuff in your maw. Enter Ate’s. In case you’re not on trend, Filipino food is the ‘it’ cuisine you need to know about. In Nashville, Ate’s is your go-to source. The Yelp Nashville Elite Squad got to get up close and personal with the Southeast Asian goodies at a sit-down seven-plate dinner hosted at the Nashville Farmer’s Market (after hours). From arroz caldo to pancit to halo halo (and much more), Elites received an education in 2017’s must-eat food. Want to know more? Check out the reviews here and photos here. If you don’t know your adobo from your ube, make a move to fix that. Yelp knows just the place to help you out.

Event Sponsors: Ate’sMestiza Kitchen