Yelp Spring Break 2017: San Antonio, Texas

YSB We Love San Antonio Party

San Antonio is known for the world’s largest country boot, The Alamo, and as of last month – Yelp Spring Break!

Five years ago, Yelp held its very first Yelp Spring Break (YSB) in Las Vegas and since then it has blossomed into an annual adventure where thousands travel across the country to explore a city in a truly Yelpy way. In a span of four days, May 4-7, attendees enjoyed five major parties, 20+ intimate affairs, tours, and plenty of gatherings where folks met fellow Yelpers from across the country. Yelp Spring Break turned the city into a Yelper’s paradise where folks utilized curated Yelp bookmark collections, stayed in award-winning boutique and major chain hotels at discounted rates, consumed and imbibed signature local cuisine and libations featuring Yelp specials; most importantly, the chance to understand why San Antonio has been receiving so much attention as a premier destination.

The city of San Antonio was a great choice for our 2017 host city since this was the first time Yelp Spring Break had ever been held in the state of Texas. Not to mention it’s home of The River Walk and the San Antonio Missions which recently have been claimed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Walk around the city and ask locals about FIESTA and expect folks to get excited as they chat about FIESTA medals, multitude of parades, royal courts, embracing a tradition since 1891. As a bi-cultural city where Spanish and English are prominent, you’ll find a passionate and loving metro where you can grab one of the finest margaritas but also explore beyond the popular River Walk to find all kinds of unexpected treasures.

For many guests who came down to San Antonio, this was their first time getting acquainted with the city. Although they were able to find some amazing local gems like Hay Street Bridge, Pearl Brewery, and Japanese Tea Gardens through the Yelp app, it was the local San Antonio Elite Squad who put on their tour guide hats and gave them a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Yelp Elite members are some of the most trusted reviewers on the site who are passionate about sharing their favorite local businesses and all things that make their respective city unique with local flavor. Some of the signature events included a BBQ brunch at The PigPen, Tea Garden Party at CommonWealth, Loaded Bubble Tea Session at Suck It The Restaurant, a Signature Happy Hour at Hotel Valencia, Not So Secret After-Party at Dorćol, and a Tiki Night at The Brooklynite!

Yelp Elite Members, locals, guests, and media were invited to partake in 5 major parties: 

Throughout the years, Yelp Spring Break has grown into a celebration for a cause as Yelpers make local non-profits and chapters beneficiaries of the fun events. Some of the beneficiaries this year were the Hemisfair Conservancy, Briscoe Western Arts Museum, and the San Antonio Parks Foundation. These organizations contribute to the evolvement of the city as well as helping to preserve and cultivate the aesthetic of San Antonio as it approaches its 300th anniversary.

Throughout Yelp Spring Break we’re proud to announce we raised
almost $20,000 for these non-profit organizations!

It was an amazing experience and we can’t wait to announce the next Yelp Spring Break destination!

-Tomas Rey, Senior Community & Marketing Manager


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The city of San Antonio is so lovely! The people are super nice, there’s culture busting out of the seams, and their team pride (Go Spurs!) rivals some of the best. The river walk is gorgeous to take a stroll on and there’s so much history and tradition here. I was only here for a few days, but would love to come back sometime. -Gael M, YSB attendee from Queens, New York

What a spectacular time I had in San Antonio (SA) during my recent visit – not only is there so much to “see” AND “do”, but I was often amazed – time after time after time – how that SA does some of the things I love, a bit BETTER than the way I’ve come to enjoy these same activities in different locales I am used to! –Michelangelo S, YSB Attendee from Sacramento, California

What can I say about Yelp Spring Break that hasn’t already been said? It’s a wonderful opportunity to explore a city you may have never been to before. Or maybe you have been there but missed some details that you didn’t know about. What makes it a YSB? It brings together awesome Yelpers from everywhere of course. But want to know the best part about it is? The best part is being on the other side of it: sharing what’s unique about YOUR city… the places you’re most passionate about! And that is exactly what I loved! Sure, I was sweating bullets hoping our guests would see all the remarkable things us San Antonians take pride in as natives (or naturalized Texans like myself) and enjoy them as much as we do. And I believe we absolutely accomplished that goal. I met and got to know so many great people who appreciated the work we put into WTMC YSB and the love we got back for it all made it absolutely worth it. Viva YSB San Antonio! –Jai J, YSB Welcome To My City Host from San Antonio, Texas