The Unstoppable March of Avocado Toast

The idea of putting avocado on bread goes back at least eight decades. Its recent revival as the open-faced, often-sea-salted delicacy known as avocado toast has sparked a food craze showing no signs of slowing.

Yelp users love exploring and reviewing newly popular dishes, making our restaurant reviews a great source for trendspotting. As recently as February 2014, fewer than one in 10,000 U.S. restaurant reviews on Yelp mentioned avocado toast. In May, more than 1 in 1,000 did: a 15-fold increase in occurrences of the en-vogue, veggie treat in our U.S. restaurant reviews in just three and a quarter years — even as, according to Fortune, avocado prices have risen, in part because of the demand spike but also because of tight supply.

Rise of popularity of avocado toast in restaurant reviews in the U.S.

Avocado toast is huge in New York and Los Angeles, the two biggest cities in the country, as is often the case with new food trends. Here’s how the trend has played out elsewhere, catching on quickly but possibly already past peak in San Francisco while it’s still rising elsewhere.

Rise of popularity of avocado toast in restaurant reviews in San Francisco, Seattle and Philadelphia

If this is all making you hungry, here are the five best spots in the country to get avocado toast, according to Yelp reviews that mention the food, accounting for both ratings and number of reviews. If you visit and leave a review, you’ll keep feeding this trend.

Roots Juicebar — Miami

Eight AM — San Francisco

Lola’s Cafe — Ladera Ranch

Green Bar & Kitchen — Fort Lauderdale, FL

Shaya — New Orleans

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