Small Biz Spotlight: Teas’n You Fusion Tea House in Northern VA

Fantastic local businesses are all over Northern Virginia, but one local hospitality group seems to consistently stand out. Happy Endings Hospitality (HEH) has not one, but three fantastic concepts (plus another one on the way!) that have been taking Northern VA by storm! Their flagship restaurant, Chasin’ Tails, provides the ultimate creole experience at two locations, while their fast-casual Vietnamese restaurant, Roll Play, serves up delicious rolls, bahn mi, and pho. But it’s HEH’s latest venture, Teas’n You Fusion Tea House in Tysons Corner, that has been making the biggest splash in the DC Metro area.

Teas’n You Fusion Tea House in Tysons, VA

Yelp sat down with owner Tuyet Nhi Le to find out a little bit more about Teas’n You and how she and her business partners turned an idea for a bubble tea shop into so much more.

Why did you decide to start your business? Tell us your backstory!

I used to travel quite a lot to California and to South East Asia. Every time I’d return, I’d always miss the boba tea and the refreshing drinks that I had on my trips! This was 2-3 years ago, before the boba tea craze that’s going on right now. I became friends with my business partner, Lysa Phamvo around the same time, and she happened to have her own established fusion tea shop in Southern California. Her drinks and baked goods were so amazing, we thought that we should collaborate and bring the California treats to Virginia! It’s also a plus for us because we get to work together as well. We promised each other that we will make more frequent visits coast to coast to see one another!

Why do you love doing business here in Northern Virginia?

I love doing business here in Tysons Corner because I love the energy of this growing city. It is truly the center of everything here in Northern Virginia. I think the developments in Tysons Corner will bring a lot of business for us, as well as the vibrant people that it will attract. I see a very successful future for us here! At the same time, we are feeding off the energy of this city. There are a lot of good restaurants around and the mall is always busy. There is always something to do and new people to meet!

What’s the most helpful piece of customer feedback you’ve received?

We have amazing guests who are very loyal to our Happy Endings Hospitality brand. They are always giving us suggestions and feedback, as if they are a part of our customer service team! What we truly appreciate and found most helpful is honest feedback, whether it’s good or bad. It’s helpful for us to know what we are doing right so that we can keep doing it! It’s also important for us to know what we can work on, so that we can continue to improve our guest experience and products. I think because we keep a close relationship with our guests, it allows us to get immediate feedback and we are able to apply it right away as well. I would say that almost any feedback is very valuable to us!

What’s your advice for other business owners or someone who wants to start a small business?

I don’t think it would’ve been possible without my amazing ownership team and the good people that we have working at our side. By surrounding yourself with good people, you can build a strong foundation. When you have a strong foundation, you can eventually build an empire! But don’t forget those who got you there. Be grateful, thankful, and open minded to all the people you have around you and your customers. We have been very blessed to have grown this far. I feel that success is even sweeter when you have your friends and everyone that loves you to share it with!

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