The 100 Most Popular Dining Reservations in San Francisco…And How To Book Them!

For the first time ever, we’re excited to present our 100 Most Popular Restaurants to Make a Reservation in San Francisco! From delicious seafood at Liholiho Yacht Club to award-winning fare at Gary Danko to one of San Francisco’s most popular taquerias Tropisueño — find your next dinner (or lunch!) reservation on this list!

Photo of Liholiho Yacht Club by Yelper Elaine N.

To compile our inaugural list, Yelp’s data scientists ranked local, non-chain businesses that take reservations, based on mobile page views over a 30-day period. Only businesses with a 4-star rating or higher and at least 150 reviews were included.

People use Yelp every day to discover great local businesses, especially restaurants. But what they might not know is that there are lots of restaurants that only take reservations through Yelp. In fact, right now, one in three restaurants in San Francisco that takes reservations, does so through Yelp Reservations.

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Yelp’s 100 Most Popular Restaurants to Make a Reservation in San Francisco

Businesses in bold type are Yelp Reservations customers

1. Sotto Mare
2. Liholiho Yacht Club Reserve on Yelp
3. House of Prime Rib Check Website
4. August 1 Five Check Website
5. Fog Harbor Fish House Check Website
6. Nopa Check Website
7. The House
8. Akiko’s Restaurant Check Website
9. Gary Danko Check Website
10. Kitchen Story Reserve on Yelp
11. Loló Reserve on Yelp
12. Marlowe Check Website
13. Aina Check Website
14. Tropisueño Reserve on Yelp
15. State Bird Provisions Check Website
16. Beretta Reserve on Yelp
17. Farmhouse Kitchen Thai Cuisine Reserve on Yelp
18. 5A5 Steak Lounge Reserve on Yelp
19. Dragon Beaux Reserve on Yelp
20. Foreign Cinema Check Website
21. Kokkari Estiatorio Check Website
22. Kin Khao Check Website
23. Hops & Hominy Check Website
24. Han Il Kwan
25. Izakaya Sozai Check Website
26. The Front Porch Reserve on Yelp
27. Zero Zero Check Website
28. Hunan Home’s Restaurant
29. Mission Beach Cafe Check Website
30. Sanraku
31. IPOT
32. Scoma’s Restaurant Check Website
33. La Fusión
34. Benu Check Website
35. Lolinda Check Website
36. Frances Check Website
37. Blackwood Reserve on Yelp
38. PPQ Dungeness Island
39. Coqueta Check Website
40. Don Pisto’s
41. Wayfare Tavern Check Website
42. Straw Reserve on Yelp
43. Izakaya KOU Reserve on Yelp
44. Bellota Check Website
45. E&O Kitchen and Bar Check Website
46. Lers Ros Check Website
47. Samovar Tea Lounge Reserve on Yelp
48. Cockscomb Reserve on Yelp
49. KUSAKABE Check Website
50. House of Thai
51. Seven Hills Check Website
52. Espetus Brazilian Steak House Reserve on Yelp
53. Mister Jiu’s Check Website
54. Skool Check Website
55. The Rotunda Check Website
56. Barbacco   Check Website
57. Absinthe Brasserie & Bar Check Website
58. Thanh Long Reserve on Yelp
59. Limón Rotisserie Check Website
60. Sakesan Bistro Reserve on Yelp
61. Burritt Room + Tavern Check Website
62. Atelier Crenn Check Website
63. Chubby Noodle
64. La Mar Cebichería Peruana Check Website
65. Lazy Bear Check Website
66. Boiling Hot Pot
67. Rusty’s Southern Reserve on Yelp
68. Zuni Cafe Check Website
69. Farallon Check Website
70. Cassava Check Website
71. Pabu Check Website
72. Barbarossa Lounge Reserve on Yelp
73. Bluestem Brasserie Check Website
74. Bobo’s Check Website
75. Gracias Madre
76. Omakase Check Website
77. Sugoi Sushi Reserve on Yelp
78. Mourad Restaurant Check Website
79. The Cavalier Check Website
80. Causwells Check Website
81. Nick’s Crispy Tacos Reserve on Yelp
82. Stones Throw Check Website
83. Original Joe’s Check Website
84. Super Pan Check Website
85. Barcha Check Website
86. Delfina Check Website
87. Suppenküche
88. Hog & Rocks Check Website
89. DOSA on Fillmore Reserve on Yelp
90. Mozzeria Reserve on Yelp
91. Saison Check Website
92. The Crew
93. Chambers Check Website
94. Montesacro Pinseria-Enoteca Check Website
95. Little Delhi
96. Cuisine of Nepal Reserve on Yelp
97. Baonecci Ristorante  Check Website
98. Wako Japanese Restaurant Check Website
99. Picaro
100. Kim Thanh Restaurant