Portland Elites Break Free At Escape Games PDX

escape room victory

Whether it’s the weather, politics, or just the routine of daily life, everybody needs to escape from something. Fortunately for Portland’s Yelp Elites, Escape Games PDX gives them plenty of options! Bridgetown’s highest-rated escape room experience invited Yelp’s best-and-brightest for a complimentary night of food, drink, and mystery!

As the Yelpers arrived, they were quickly brought upstairs to the new party room, where they were treated to a glorious pizza party spread compliments of NW Portland hotspot Please Louise. Complimentary beer and wine were served by Portland Brewing Company, and our hosts surprised guests with beautiful escape-themed sugar cookies! And once everybody had their fill of food and drink, it was time for the games to begin!

Yelpers and their guests divided into groups, and soon were tackling four unique challenges. Some attempted to break out of jail. Others tried to save Sherlock Holmes. Still more got to their fill of quirk by attempting to escape Portlandia. But the luckiest of guests got to try something new: Escape Games PDX’s newest concept, Amnesia!

Once inside, the newly formed teams worked together to a series of puzzles, each one getting the Yelpers closer to success. Surprise revelations were par for the course. In fact, everybody agreed that the less they knew beforehand about the experience, the better! In the end, some groups beat the clock while others came just short. Either way, everybody had a blast and were making plans to return and try another of Escape Games PDX’s four unique and challenging rooms! Want to learn more? Check out these Yelper reviews, and take a peek at the pics in our Flickr gallery!

About our sponsor:

Escape Games PDX is a fun, exciting and challenging interactive escape game that you can challenge with friends, family, and co-workers. You have 60 minutes to work together: find the clues, crack the code and solve the puzzle to win! Switch up your date nights, show your out-of-town friends a great time, have the best birthday party memory or celebrate your upcoming wedding with a uniquely awesome bachelor or bachelorette party! Check them out on Yelp to discover why they’re Portland’s top-rated escape room experience!