5 Ways To Procrastinate Like A Pro

You know those days when you’re focused, productive, and plan things in advance? Those days are the best! If you’re anything like most of us, though, you probably run from one thing to the next without much time to plan ahead. That’s where the Yelp app comes in. In honor of busy schedules everywhere, we’ve created this quick ‘n’ dirty guide filled with time-saving, procrastinator friendly app hacks. Save your precious time for more important things — like diving into the omakase at the trendy sushi bar down the street. Give the following five tips a quick peruse to start procrastinating like a pro!


Did a friend text you at 4:45pm with a string of different cocktail emojis and the name of a bar? We love last minute drink plans, but trying to navigate your way to an unknown bar as you walk through the after-work crowd isn’t easy. To make things easier for yourself (and everyone around you), open the Yelp app. Type the name of the bar into search, scroll to directions, and find your quickest route. Voila!


Does your friend decide that he wants to meet for dinner instead? He always changes the plans on you, but it’s not a big deal because you’ve got the waitlist feature. You tap open the Yelp app, find a restaurant a few blocks away, and join the waitlist remotely. The restaurant shares their real-time seating availability via the app — your wait is 45 minutes. You’ll be notified via the app when you’re table is ready, so it looks like there’s time for that drink after all!


Don’t have time to run out for food because you’ve waited until the last minute to finish that super important project? No prob. Order delivery from the Yelp app. Hit Search at the bottom of your screen and filter by Open Now and choose Order Pickup or Delivery. Select Delivery, scroll through the menu, choose whatever looks good, and submit your order. Your payment info is stored on the app to make ordering on the fly even easier next time.

Friends’ Check-ins

Decide you want to grab a last-minute bite but don’t have time to do much research? Get by with a little help from your friends. Well, your friends’ recent check-ins at least. If you trust their gustatory judgement, go ahead and steal their fabulous restaurant pick. Just make sure to filter by Open Now and Make a Reservation to make sure you can snag a spot!

Ask Your Community

Need to plan a dinner for some hard-to-please friends tonight? One friend’s gluten free, another’s vegan, and third brings her puppy everywhere. You’re not worried about finding the perfect restaurant, though. You’ll use Yelp’s Ask the Community feature. You open your Yelp app, find a restaurant, and scroll past Review Highlights to “Ask the Community.” ‘Is there outdoor seating here?’ you post publicly. The business owner or a fellow Yelper answers you quickly. It turns out the spot meets your group’s needs; there’s even outdoor heating. You make a reservation for 7:30pm. You wish everything was that easy.