Edmonton Elite: Yelp’s Apres-Ski at Edmonton Ski Club

The Elite Squad took over the Edmonton Ski Club on Wednesday night as Yelp hosted an Apres-Ski featuring some fantastic local businesses. ESC offered group ski lessons for Elites that had never skied before or in need of a refresher and, for more experienced skiers, had the opportunity to hit the slopes free of charge (they even covered gear rental)!

All the skiers were able to go down the slopes themselves by the end of the lesson and everyone agreed that the view of the city from up there was absolutely stunning!

It was a really cold February evening so, to warm those Elites up after braving that YEG weather, we had London Tea Bar offering infused tea cocktails and Uncle Ed’s Ukrainian Restaurant serving up perogies, cabbage rolls and Mundare sausage. The food and drink hit the spot as the Elites got the opportunity to mingle, talk with business owners and write their own Yelpy love letters to their favourite local businesses. These were mailed to the businesses by Yelp and received on Valentines Day – sooo cute.
Some Elites had such a great time that after the meal, they went back out to hit the hills again!