Reno Elite Event: Yelp’s How To KBBQ at IJJI 4

Banchan, bulgogi and Kobe beef belly… OH MY! This past week nearly 60 Yelp Elites kicked off 2017 behind the grills of IJJI 4 Korean Bar-B-Que, Reno’s FIRST Korean BBQ restaurant, for a hands on meatstravaganza. Armed with Yelp’s How To KBBQ as a guide, and the help of the incredibly friendly and hospitable folks at IJJI 4, this group of KBBQ virgins learned the traditions, tips, and a few tricks to tending the grill making them KBBQ pros excited to share this dining experience with family and friends. Did you know it’s Korean custom to NEVER pour your own drink? This rule was strictly enforced, helping to create new Yelp friends over samples of several flavors of house blended Soju (Korean rice wine) and sounds of “geonbae”, Korean for cheers, all night long!

Check out the Five-Star reviews and great photos from Chris Holloman Photography!