Yelpers March in MLK Parade for Racial Justice

Martin Luther King Jr. once said “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about the things that matter.” Well, Yelp employees refuse to be silent about the importance of diversity and inclusion — both inside and outside the workplace.

On Martin Luther King Day 2017, Yelpers and their family members of all ages and hues marched with over a dozen other Silicon Valley tech companies through the streets of San Francisco. The tech collective was led by Black Employees at eBay to demonstrate a united commitment to racial justice and to make the tech industry more accessible to communities of color across the Bay Area.  

During this time of political change and ongoing rhetoric of hate, exclusion, and unrest between law enforcement and communities of color, Yelpers will not sit idly on the sidelines.

Yelp’s DiverseBurst employee resource group has held roundtable discussions and intergroup dialogues, volunteered with Bay Area nonprofit community organizations, and are now partnering with other industry thought leaders (e.g., eBay, Yahoo, Uber, Twitter) to design new ways to promote diversity and inclusion both inside and outside the office.

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