Discount Tire Measures How Yelp Ads Drive In-Store Purchases

National retailers are increasingly shifting offline advertising budgets online. As retailers invest in digital advertising, they face the challenge of tracking in-store purchases that result from online advertising. Yelp recently partnered with LiveRamp to measure the direct impact of Yelp Ads on in-store sales.

In August and September 2016, Discount Tire worked with Yelp to measure the impact of Yelp Ads. The results were impressive: Discount Tire received a 15:1 return on Yelp Ads spend.

Yelp Ads put businesses in front of consumers who are actively searching for their products or services and intending to purchase. The results of Discount Tire and other retailers prove that investing in Yelp Ads online delivers a strong return offline.

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Yelp worked with LiveRamp  to match August and September 2016 client-provided offline transaction data to Yelp users. Results were extrapolated to account for a portion of transactions that could not be matched. Return on Yelp Ads Spend defined in terms of sales revenue yielded from online ads.



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