10 Yelp Elite Events That Take The Party To The Next Level

When you’re planning events for a city’s most in-the-know crowd, the typical cheese-and-cracker cocktail party just doesn’t cut it. Yelp community managers in the United States and Canada host regular events for their Yelp Elite Squads, the most active and influential local Yelpers. This crew of influencers and uber consumers are the source for where to go and what to do in their cities. These Elite events aim to expand their horizons to even more local businesses, nonprofits, landmarks, and more — bringing online communities together offline.

While all of our Yelp Elite events strive to be one-of-a-kind, some especially turn the fun, adventure, and uniqueness up to 11. So in honor of January being Badge Month — the time when Yelp Elites snag their brand new profile badges for the year — we’ve collected 10 more of our favorite, unparalleled Yelp Elite events. #ItsNeatToBeElite!

1. Camp Yelpalot II & Tiki PartyJeffrey S (Salt Lake City)

The SLC Yelp community brought the fun to the woods with a weekend-long camping trip at Jordan Pines Group Campground that included a Yelp Elite-only Tiki Party, combining palm trees with evergreens. S’mores, leis, and friendship bracelets — oh my!

2. Cirque du YelpEmily H (Louisville)

Fun fact: Louisville has its very own circus and circus gym! And Yelp Elites were invited to learn feats of circus daring, including the trapeze, lyra, aerial silks, swinging ladders, walking globe, and juggling, along with getting to see some of the gym’s performers demonstrate their death-defying skills.

3. Yelp’s Wake & Bake At Holtman’sCindy G (Cincinnati)

The Cincinnati Yelp Elites kicked off a special Yelp’s Baked & Brewed series of events with a first-ever tour, meet-and-greet, and tasting at Holtman’s Donut Shop, right when a donut shop would get busy — at 3, 4 and 5 o’clock in the morning. Sometimes the party goes late; other times, it starts very early!

4. Speed Friending at the Florida Renaissance FestivalBlue A (Broward-Palm Beach)

BPB Yelp Elites kicked it with the King and Queen on opening weekend of the Florida Renaissance Festival. They took a private pub-crawl tour through the festival grounds, and as part of an annual speed-friending theme, each time they arrived at a new pub, Yelp Elites changed groups and met new friends.

5. Half-Day Delights at GiadaNate M (Las Vegas)

Giada Vegas provided a small group of Yelp Elites a five-course dinner, wine cocktails and a surprise visit by the Food Network queen herself, Giada De Laurentiis. She not only helped to fill their bellies but also their Instagram feeds with Giada-fueled happiness.

6. Yelp’s Open Barre & Get StackedAngela S (Chicago North Shore)

The North Shore Yelp Elites were introduced to two new businesses in one night. At Yogi Barre, Yelp Elites reached for a hammock and took their workout to new heights – literally! And after class was over, everyone stopped next door at Stacked & Folded for delicious sandwiches.

7. Yelp’s “July In January” Winter StaycationSara M (Jersey City)

Yelp Elites packed their bags and headed down to the Jersey Shore for an overnight staycation at The Ocean Place Resort — complete with drinks at the bar, indoor pool access, spa discounts, and an oceanfront view from their hotel rooms. To cap off the night, the squad partied down at an exclusive luau.

8. Yelp Elites Celebrate The Zombie ApocalypseRisa D (Montreal)

Montreal Yelp Elites sharpened their axe throwing skills — ya know, just in case they need to fight an army of the undead — with Rage: Axe Throwing Montreal. Happily though, this event was way more fun than fight.

9. Yelp’s Backstage PassMichael T (Reno)

JamPro Music Factory invited Reno Yelp Elites backstage for a red carpet experience, featuring a rocking live performance by EME and five interactive labs exploring the ins and outs of creating and producing music. Some talented Yelp Elite rockstars even took the stage at the end of the night!

10. Yelp’s Bone Appetite Charcuterie PartyBritt S (Indianapolis)

The Yelp Indy Elites gathered for a Gothic dinner party in the Indianapolis City Market Catacombs, featuring the longest charcuterie board you’ve likely ever seen. More than 15 local businesses contributed to the 100-foot long charcuterie board table while Indy Film Fest projected silent films.

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And now that you’ve seen what we can do, come and join the party!

The Yelp Elite Squad is our way of recognizing people who are active in the Yelp community and role models on and off the site. Elite-worthiness is based on a number of things, including well-written reviews, high quality tips, a detailed personal profile, an active voting and complimenting record, a history of playing well with others, and truly leading by example.

Want to learn more about the Elite Squad? Check out the details here.