Last Chance to Vote for Nonprofits in the Yelp Foundation Gives Local Grant Contest

Today is the last day for community voting in the Yelp Foundation Gives Local grant contest, and the race has been a close one in many cities. Hopefully, you’ve been checking in daily to support your favorite nonprofits, but if not you’ve got one last chance to cast your vote before midnight Pacific Time today, December 9th.

Go to to vote for the nonprofits you’d like to see win the maximum $5,000 grant, and remember you can vote in each city.

So far, we’ve seen hundreds of thousands of votes from people across the country and we’re so excited that these great organizations are getting more exposure to the local communities that they work hard to help each and every day. Check out these grant finalists in Charlotte, NC, on local TV station WBTV.

Want to hear more from the nominated nonprofits? Follow #YFGivesLocal on social to see posts from nominees like GO Project NYC and DigiBridge.

Grant winners will be announced in the coming weeks after voting closes tonight. Good luck to all the nominees!