Meet The CA: Andrew H, Anchorage, AK


Yelp Community Ambassador Andrew H knows the ins and outs of Anchorage. This man with the plan hosts Yelp events around town, pens the Local Yelp newsletter, and stokes the fire for connecting his community to great local businesses. When he’s not event planning or connecting, he’s traipsing around Westchester Lagoon and Spenard. When he’s not in town you can find him climbing the elements: ice, rock, snow, you name it. After getting battered by the elements you can find Andrew enjoying a local beer and a burger…or maybe a pizza…or perhaps tacos. He likes his food. Let’s dig in!

How did you land this position?
I had been a pretty active Yelper back in my lower-48 days. When I moved to Anchorage I posted to Anchorage talk and eventually a friendly Yelp representative asked me if I was interested. I was humbled and stunned! I was not only going to get to be Elite but I was going to get to bring other Yelpers into the fold? Where do I sign up?

What’s your ideal Anchorage day?
Which season?  Almost-always-light season or super-dark season? Fine, I’ll do both!

Summer: Brunch at Snow City Cafe → Bike ride on the Coastal Trail (ample photo and/or Poke stops along the way) → Rooftop patio arrival beers at 49th State Brewing → still 9 more hours of daylight

Winter: Brunch at Ginger (they get up late, but so does the sun) → Rabbit Lake Trail → snow climbing in the Chugach Mountains → burgers and beers at Long Branch Saloon

What’s something about Anchorage that outsiders might not know?
Don’t tell anyone but: it’s really not that cold here! We are right on the (salt) water so the temperatures are pretty moderate. (some years it doesn’t even get below zero!) We are also a town of strip malls and thus full of strip mall gems to eat and drink. Oh, everything you’ve heard about the abundance of moose: it’s all true.

What’s your biggest learning from this year-long program?
So many things!  I’d say learning how to be efficient and organized is probably #1 for me. Gotta make that time count!

How has the Yelp CA position changed year to year? 
It’s gotten much more focused. I’m a data-dork in my day job–I’m one of those rare people who enjoys a well-crafted spreadsheet. I like looking at tremendous amount of information and whittling it down to the essentials, the things with the biggest impact. The program has definitely done just that and I’ve strived to do that as well.

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