6 Ways To Combat Foodie’s Block That You Need To Know

When life throws you rainbow coloured bagels, gluten-free chickpea flour, and the next new water tapped from some random tree, the gastronomic saturation point can get real. Foodie or not, how are you meant to choose where to eat with that many options?

Foodie tip: Rainbow bagel from Bagel Boys
Rainbow bagel from Bagel Boys, by Ron L

We call this special brand of indecision, known well amongst Yelpers, #foodiesblock. Don’t panic: we’ve got six solid ways to solve those long hours of agonising over dinner options. Down with hanger — check these top Yelp tips.

Foodie tip: Crispy shrimp and chickpea flour pancake from Coqueta
Crispy shrimp and chickpea flour pancake from Coqueta, by Suany W

1. Hot and New

You’ll always have your favourites — no one can take those away from you — but a change of scene can be inspiring. It’s not worth the time trawling the streets looking for new places… even if your pedometer says it is. Hit the “Hot and New” tab on the Yelp app to scroll through the latest places people think are worth yelping about.

Foodie tip: Hot and new on the Yelp app

2. Open Now

Not all of us are meticulous planners. Here’s to you, spontaneous foodie adventurers! You shouldn’t be punished for last-minute adventures. We got you: Click “Restaurants” on the app and filter by “Open Now”. Bonus: You can refine the results further, if you’re not too hungry to concentrate.

3. Activity, Nearby

If you require visuals, you can always trawl through individual business listings. Oh, but that means choosing one first! Not a problem: Hit up “Activity” on the app, filter by “Nearby”, then check out photos, tips, and reviews, all in real time. You never know what might catch your eye…

Foodie tip: nearby activity on Yelp

4. Reservations

Want to make sure you’ve got a table? Battling your way across town is no fun without a guaranteed seat. Tap “Reservations” for all the available options. Pro tip: Hungry right now? Got a big group? Saving cash? Optimise your options using the filters! 

Foodie tip: Reservations on Yelp app

5. More Categories

From the home screen, click “More Categories”, then “Restaurants”, to choose from all the worldly, foodie cuisines your city has on offer! All right, so you still have to pick a food style, but we can’t do everything for you. Well, not yet.

6. Check Out The Local Yelp

Hot on the trail of the latest foodie trends, recent openings, and well-loved local hot spots, Community Managers across the globe compile this handy go-to for all things happening in your ‘hood. Sign up for the Local Yelp, get inspired every Wednesday, or read it on the go from the Yelp app. Bonus: check out the featured events for inspiration beyond dinner.

Local Yelp on Yelp app

Ready to battle your foodie’s block?

Now that you know the ways, here’s a handy link. Good luck in your foodie quests and hanger battles!

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