4 Ways To Ace Thanksgiving On The Town

Not into cooking? Not into flying? Oven emergency? Don’t fret — Yelp has you covered. Even better? The same tips work any day of the year, and not just the day of the year you probably should have cooked and decided not to.

Book reservations.

Don’t wait for the last minute to become the only minute. Just search “Reservations” and set the date to Thanksgiving Day (that’s November 24, for the confused). If they’re open on the big day, you’ll be able to painlessly book a table without leaving Yelp. Sort it out in advance and you’ll look like this was your plan all year long.

Open now.

If you’re not the think-ahead type — and let’s be honest, you probably wouldn’t be in this spot if you were — we’ve still got you covered. Filter your search results by “Open Now”. Yelp will only show you restaurants that are ready for you. You might be surprised how many keep their doors open on the holiday!

Good for groups.

Odds are pretty good you’ve got a few heads for dinner on the big day — if you’re doing Friendsgiving on the town, click “Good For Groups.” Skip the tiny and intimate joints and the awkwardness of having your server do Table Tetris. Find a restaurant with a big enough table for you, your friends, and maybe even your family.


Most nights you might want to save a dime on dinner, but for Thanksgiving the time is ripe to pull out all the stops. Use the $ filter to select a $$$ or $$$$ restaurant and make sure no one in your party misses the dining room at home. Who needs home-cooked turkey when you’ve got slow-cooked quail?