Yelp’s Taste, Savor, and Sip of Europe with Sip of Europe in Maine

hotchocolateOur Elites couldn’t afford to drop everything and hop the pond with us, so we brought a bit of Europe’s fabulous flare and flavor right to Portland, ME at the Sip of Europe cafe this autumn. From boarding passes to travel kits, we took a trip and discovered some of the most delicious crepes around including a meat and cheese option, cipollini (stuffed with onions, parmesan, and dill), cinnamon sugar, and a chocolate lover’s dream variety. The bevy of deliciousness didn’t end there, though, as we were treated to first class drinks as well: iced tea, real (and very thick) hot chocolate, and a port wine milkshake. Be sure to peruse the glowing reviews to learn more about our journey, and check out the hunger-inducing photos found on our Flickr page!

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