Hungry? Yelp Data Highlights Our Community’s Favorite Pizza, Cookies & Tacos In Every State

You know that feeling when you want a cookie, but not just any cookie? Only the tastiest cookie in America will do! OK, so maybe you usually settle for the closest cookie, but now you’re intrigued, right?

The Yelp Data Science team is here to solve your dilemma…or start a good discussion, at least.

We’ve recently worked with a few media partners to analyze the top snacks and snips (of the barbershop variety) and the results surface some pretty amazing local businesses.

Chocolate chip cookie countdown

Cosmopolitan unveiled the best chocolate chip cookies in every state, based on Yelp data. From ice cream cookie sandwiches at LA’s Diddy Riese to the perfect crispy/gooey combo at Please & Thank You in Louisville, some drool worthy cookies made the list. Click over to Cosmopolitan to see the full list.

Mint chocolate chip cookie sandwich at Diddy Riese in Los Angeles.

Taco ‘bout well seasoned data

While choosing a favorite taco spot may feel akin to choosing your favorite child, Yelp’s data science team used some cold, hard numbers to determine which spots Yelpers deem the best in each state and BuzzFeed broke the story. From the fresh-off-the-boat fish tacos at Deckhand Dave’s Fish Tacos in Juneau, Alaska, to the bright green tortilla wrapped goodness at T & B Grill in Chicago, there’s no end to the taco combinations possible when you dare to dream.

Tacos at Deckhand Dave's and T & B Grill will get your tummy growling.

Slicing up pizza points

For those who agree that pizza is an acceptable choice for every meal of the day, you’ll appreciate this list of top pizza joints in every state in America, brought to you by BuzzFeed. I’m not saying a cross country road trip is required, but I can’t say I’m not tempted after reading reviews of the mushroom truffle slice at Wiseguy NY Pizza in DC and the beautiful pesto art creations at Pacifico Pizza Napoletana in Kaneohe, HI.

A pizza slice to write home about from Pacifico Pizza Napoletana.

Trimming down a list of top NYC barbers

It was tough, but this list from Business Insider narrows down the top shops for a sharp snip to 12 must-try local businesses in New York City. Whether it’s a buzz at Level Two Barber Shop or a pompadour from The Land of Barbers, you’ll be looking fresh after a visit to one of these shops.

Not sure if you need a haircut? Use this handy chart from The Land of Barbers to help you decide.

If a business on this list catches your eye, but an 11-hour drive to fulfill your craving isn’t in the cards, you know what to do. Just open up the Yelp app to find the best local business near you.

As the leader in local information, Yelp data holds tons of insight into consumer behavior and business trends. We’re constantly looking for cool stories to share with Yelpers and business owners. For media outlets who want to work with Yelp on a data story, contact us at We’d love to brainstorm with you!