4 Unique Small Business Stories That Should Be Shared

Want an inside look at how some of the best businesses on Yelp were built? If you think it was easy, think again! We decided to make a four-part series to explore just what it takes to turn that passion and ambition into a reality — and a success.

People share their stories about local independent heroes every day on Yelp, so we asked four fantastic independent business owners to share theirs. Check out these incredible stories below.


Peaches Smokehouse

Dianne and her husband entered a food truck competition on a whim and that changed the course of their lives… they not only won the competition, but a food truck lease for a year. It didn’t take them long to discover that serving restaurant quality food in under five minutes wasn’t the only skill required…

Calozzi’s Cheesesteaks

Growing up in the restaurant business gave Al a great head start in creating his own unique recipe for the perfect cheesesteak. As for navigating the trials and tribulations for finding the restaurant location? That wasn’t so easy…

Seasoned Vegan

Imagine being the only vegan spot in town… before it was even trendy. Aaron and Brenda share their story of how they overcame standing out and doing something different. Hint: it takes a lot of love, creativity, and dedication!

Aces Town Car Service

From performing in a punk hardcore band to owning a limousine company, Tim did not expect to be where he is now. Check out how he went from driving around on tour in the back of a van to chauffeuring folks around Seattle with his own company.


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