1時間以内に脱出できるか?Yelp’s Two Nights of Escape


Yelpユーザーは常に街の面白いアトラクションを探しています。なので9月のYelpイベントは世界的に有名な脱出ゲーム会場とのコラボとして「Yelp’s Two Nights of Escape」を二日間に渡って開催しました!脱出ゲームとは今世界中で注目を浴びている新スタイルの謎解きゲームです。リアル脱出ゲームでは名前どおりに、一つの部屋に1時間監禁されます!部屋の中に隠されたヒントを使ってタイムリミット内に部屋から脱出するスリリングなゲームです。

Yelpers are constantly looking for the next cool thing in the city! So we’ve collaborated with one of the largest escape game franchises in the world to deliver “Yelp’s Two Nights of Escape”! Don’t know what an escape game is? Well, imagine being locked in a room for a whole hour, and the only way to get out is to solve a collection of puzzles to get out! Escape rooms are an immersive and collaborative game that is taking the world by storm!



Escape Hunt is one of the largest escape room franchises in the world that started in Bangkok. In more than 20 countries and 40 cities, Escape Hunt is expanding their brand rapidly. Each store has its own set of stories and clues, and Escape Hunt Tokyo incorporates Asakusa’s rich history and Japanese culture into its games. In “Yelp’s Two Nights of Escape”, attendees were divided into teams of four, and each group was sent to one of the three rooms: Zen, Runaway Bride, and Samurai.



Escape Hunt Tokyo is also the only bilingual escape game venue in Japan, so it’s a great place to invite both your Japanese and English speaking friends together!




You are a disciple at a Zen dojo. Your zen master has assigned a personal mission for you to accomplish. Will you be able to complete your mission and attain enlightenment? The Zen room is the most aesthetic among the 3 rooms. This room is more focused on searching for and discovering things around the room.




舞台は100年前の浅草。結婚式直前に若く美しい花嫁が姿を消してしまいました!彼女は誘拐されたのか?それとも… 探偵として雇われたあなたは式が始まるまでに花嫁を見つけ出さないと行けません!論理パズルが好きな方にオススメ!

Runaway Bride

100 years ago in Asakusa, a beautiful young bride-to-be has suddenly disappeared. Nobody knows whether she was kidnapped or … As hired detectives, you must find the whereabouts of the bride before the wedding begins! This room is more focused on mind puzzles and observation.





Samurai Espionage

You are a samurai serving under the Shogun during the Edo Period. One day, the Shogun receives a letter threatening to assassinate the Shogun at midnight. As the Shogun’s retainer, your duty is to find the method of assassination and protect his life. This room is more focused on physical activity and a high sense of observation.



Yelpers also learned a couple of new tricks in using the Yelp mobile app!

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What a thrilling way to start the weekend! Want to see whether you will you be able to escape?? Go checkout Escape Hunt Tokyo to challenge any one of the three games.


また、エスケープハント東京は1周年を記念して、お寺でのイベントを行います。この機会をお見逃しなく!10月3日〜10月7日限定 リアル体験型脱出ゲーム 緑泉寺 The 本堂 ~心のデトックス~

Escape Hunt Tokyo is also celebrating their 1 year anniversary by hosting an escape game at a buddhist temple.  It’s a limited time event between 10/3 ~ 10/7 so don’t miss out!



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