How National Businesses Are Staying Local on Yelp

Local businesses have long realized how impactful Yelp can be on their bottom line. Yelp offers the ability to draw in potential customers through online word of mouth and a great earned reputation, putting a business in front of consumers who are actively searching for their products or services and intending to make a purchase.

Now, national businesses are learning from independent retailers and turning to Yelp to help drive local traffic, too.

You might think “what’s the benefit for a well known national brand in paying attention to Yelp?” For starters, while a brand may have national awareness, their stores on the ground are very much local, and consumer preferences and in-store experience can vary from location to location.

With Yelp Ads, businesses are able to target consumers precisely when they’re looking for a product or service nearby. National businesses that target consumers with Yelp Ads average an 86% increase in directions and map views.

But don’t take our word for it. Hear from some national businesses that have had success with Yelp, and learn more about the services we have available at If you represent a national business interested in partnering with Yelp, please contact

Round Table Pizza increased online orders 30% with Yelp Ads.

Greystar advertised on Yelp to target nearby consumers searching for apartment rentals.

Sprouts Farmers Market ran performance-based Yelp Ads to accelerate growth in new markets.

Regal Entertainment Group increased online traffic before the release of a major blockbuster.

Want to hear from other national businesses? Hear from Regis Corporation, a RE/MAX agent, and a Honda dealer.


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