Elite Event: Yelp’s Ninja Showdown


Japan is known for many things: advanced technology, beautiful food, manga, and ninjas. But how much do we truly know about ninjas?



Well, the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation (AKA Miraikan) decided to look into these secret clans through the lense of science, history, and culture at their exhibit “Ninjas – Who were they?”. Yelp Elites got the chance to checkout the exhibit “Yelp’s Ninja Showdown”!

この夏、日本科学未来館では僕たちが知っている忍者の本質を科学、歴史、文化の角度詳しく読み解いていく展示「The NINJA-忍者ってナンジャ!?-」を開催しています。そしてこの度はYelpエリートを招待して特別イベント「Yelp’s Ninja Showdown」を開きました。


Ninjas work best in the dark, so Elites were invited to the museum after closing hours. The night at the museum was so different from our daily experiences: dead silent and dark. At the meeting point, we were welcomed by Professor Yuji Yamada from Mie University dressed in a full-body ninja outfit. Prof. Yamada is the supervisor of the exhibit and gave us a deeper look into the reality of the ninjas and how they perform research for the ninja studies.



Immediately after Prof. Yamada’s lecture, Elites were guided inside of the exhibition. Full of documentations and interactive segments, there’s much to learn about ninjas. For example, did you know that ninjas developed a dual-axis method of walking (known as the Namba aruki) which reduces fatigue when walking long distances? Or how they invented tools called Mizugumo which lets them walk on water?



This event was called Ninja Showdown for a reason. Elites were divided into two clans, the Black Clan and the Red Clan. Given three challenges, each clan was put to the test to see whether they were ready to be a full fledged ninja in body, mind, and heart.

今回のイベント名は「Ninja Showdown」、ショーダウンとは英語で決戦という意味です。参加者は赤と黒の2班に分かれ、忍者に必要な心・技・体の分野で対決しました。


The first challenge was the Shuriken test. Testing how well the Elites have trained their body to hit the targets with the ninja stars.



The second challenge was the Shinobi-ashi test. Testing how well the Elites can calm their heart and footsteps to cross without creating a sound. This tests how well a ninja can sneak into enemy territory without being noticed.



The final challenge was a test of the mind: the Ninja Scavenger Hunt. Challenging the Elites of their knowledge of the arts and how fast they can gather information, each team was given ten questions to answer. All answers were hidden somewhere in the exhibit.



The showdown couldn’t be any closer as both teams were neck-to-neck on the scoreboard. The Red Clan, won at the last minute with the Black Clan missing one answer in the scavenger hunt.



We closed the event with Prof Yamada’s explanation of some of the questions from the scavenger hunt. Nowhere else in the world will you find a place with so much knowledge about the shinobi world.



Three best dressers were also awarded “Ninja Curry” Packs. Congrats to Yuta, Shin, and Misaki! Each person’ own interpretation of Shinobi fashion was remarkable 🙂



Check out the photos and reviews of the event for more information!



Also, in September 23 (Friday) and 24 (Saturday), we are hosting an Bilingual Escape Game at Escape Hunt Tokyo! If you are interested, please RSVP here!

次回のYelpイベントは9/23(金曜)と9/24(土曜)の2夜連続の謎解きゲームが待っています。場所は浅草のEscape Hunt Tokyoです。興味がある方はここでお早めに申し込んでくださいね。

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