Get Help On the Go With @YelpHelpMe

Every day, Yelper users are on the go, trying to find the best place to enjoy a sunny summer day, grab a slice of pizza, or request a mover. Our website and app rank businesses based on a number of factors, but sometimes you just can’t make up your mind. Now, Yelp is throwing out a lending hand to those more indecisive users with @YelpHelpMe.

Utilizing Twitter’s API, we have launched four artificial intelligence bots to help users, both locals and travelers, find any sort of business in over 30 countries.

The platform is currently available in four languages: English (@YelpHelpMe), Portuguese (@YelpAjuda), Spanish (@YelpAyuda), and German (@FragYelp). To use it, users can simply send a tweet mentioning @YelpHelpMe (or to the other three language correspondents), what they are looking for (e.g. burgers, parks, manicure, gym) and the desired location. You can search for specific cities and neighborhood or just say “near me” with your location activated. In less than a minute, @YelpHelpMe will have an answer and tweet back to the user. You can even search using emojis!


Whether you are in Rio or Rome, Yelp will help you find the best options so you can live your journey as a local (or carioca, as they say in Brazil). Ready to explore with a one-and-done search? Try @YelpHelpMe now!