The Whisk(e)y Den at The Joiners


On Friday 22 July, the Yelp Adelaide Elite climbed down a ladder into the 150 year old Whisk(e)y Den at The Joiners Hotel.

Dan Noske definitely demonstrated his passion to share whisk(e)y with the people of Adelaide. He has created a space for anyone to feel comfortable and an opportunity to be guided on what is really special about the taste and craft in whisk(e)y. It’s like a trip around the world, you will be able to choose whisk(e)y’s from countries like Holland, Scotland, America, India, Sweden and home.

This is pretty much your ultimate escape. Comfy couches, tunes and a place to talk freely without interruptions. You could almost lose time here. Forget about the hustle and just enjoy life’s simple pleasures. There is also something special about a glass of Whisk(e)y during winter! It warms you up, head to toe.

If you want to warm up this winter or if you are just curious to try some very impressive top end drops. This should be your next group session. Really, at $49 trying a range of bottles priced at $100+ is really amazing value!

Check out the fun and excitement of epic proportions here in the reviews and photos.

A special thanks to our Sponsor The Joiners Hotel

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