Travel like a Local – Antwerp (Belgium)

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5 Places People love in Antwerp, not the usual tourist attractions!

1. Vreemdelingenmarkt

On Saturday all Antwerp foodies go to the Vreemdelingenmarkt, literally Foreigners Market. Get the world on the tip of your tongue with delicious products from Morocco, Turkey, Italy, Spain, France and many other countries.



2. MoMu – ModeMuseum

Antwerp loves avant-garde fashion and the best place to find it, is at the MoMu Fashion Museum. Wearable? Not always. Entertaining? For sure! The impressive main hall alone already makes it worth a visit.

MoMu Antwerp


3. St. Vincents

St. Vincents is the new kid on the block when it comes to concept stores. This former printing factory is now the hotspot for design, fashion, art… and coffee. Don’t forget to check upstairs too!

St. Vincents


4. Plein Publiek

Plein Publiek is literally a hidden gem. This large greenhouse in the courtyard of an old social housing project is the venue for various cultural and culinary events and parties. Find the door and discover the real Antwerp!

Plein Publik


5. Middelheimmuseum

This open air museum just outside the city center is a wonderful place where art and nature come together. The often surreal sculptures and installations will amaze you for sure.


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